• Auto Dealership Tube Dancers

    Auto Dealership Tube Dancers (2)

    Variety of stock auto dealership air powered dancer puppets.  Many inflatable tube men available for new and used auto dealerships. Customize them at a very low near wholesale price. Full color prints allow you to efficiently advertise your promotions and create positive impressions of your dealership. Inflatable tube man is a must have for your next car lot promotions order. Buy now and save big. Auto dealerships were the original consumers of air powered tube dancers in the United States.  They knew the importance of using air powered dancers to attract eyes to their lot and products.  These inflatable men also pair very well with our other auto dealer supplies:  feather flags, window clip-on flags, windshield banners,…
  • Auto Repair & Service Tube Dancer

    Auto Repair & Service Tube Dancer (1)

    Air powered tube dancers with slogans for auto repair and service shops. Great for all franchise and small business owners. Brand your business properly with our custom flags and air inflatable tube men.
  • Car Wash Inflatable Tube Dancers

    Car Wash Inflatable Tube Dancers (7)

    Car wash air powered tube dancers are a must-have for any business owner that runs a car wash business. With competitors around the corner, it is important to utilize these inflatable tube men to get customers to your lot.   Inflatable tube men for a Car Wash are a fantastic addition to your outdoor advertising strategy. Here's why they're perfect for your business:   Eye-Catching Appeal: Car wash inflatable tube men instantly capture attention. Their vibrant colors and dynamic movements attract passing drivers, signaling that your car wash is open and ready for business.   Drive Traffic: A Car Wash Tube man not only attracts attention but also prompts drivers to stop by for a wash. Their…
  • Cell Phone Carriers Inflated Tube Dancers

    Cell Phone Carriers Inflated Tube Dancers (3)

    Variety of cell phone carriers inflatable tube man designs for cell phone carriers. Some available custom designs include Verizon Wireless, MetroPCS, h2o Wireless, Cricket Wireless, and T-mobile. Customize these custom air-inflated dancers as you like! With liquor stores, electronic shops, and many other locations now able to do prepaid and bill pay, it is important for you to capture the customers instead of your competitors. Our stock and custom inflatable tube man are designed to easily capture anyone passing by your location. Standing 20ft tall, the text on these air powered tube dancers is nearly impossible to miss. Since the inflatable man is visible from a distance, your customer has more than enough time to read your…
  • Country and State Tube Dancers

    Country and State Tube Dancers (5)

    Stock country and state air powered tube dancers.  High quality inflatable tube men for outdoor use.  These are a must have for anyone looking to create instant impressions to increase their sales.  We will be increasing our inventory over time. Please check back often for new state and country themed air tube dancers.  We aim to have on design for each state.  As always, if you do not see a stock design that works for you, we can always custom print an inflatable man. Our state and country waving dancers are most popular among new and used auto dealerships.  They are used throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia.  Inflatable men are popular because they pair well…
  • Franchise air powered Tube Dancers | Inflatable Tube Man for Franchises

    Franchise air powered Tube Dancers | Inflatable Tube Man for Franchises (2)

    Franchise air powered tube dancers -- a must have for any franchise that is just opening or simply looking to get their existing location noticed. We have produced custom tube dancers for a huge variety of franchises. A few include Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven, Baskin Robbins, KFC, Liberty Tax service, H&R Block, Valvoline oil change, and many more. Franchise owners know the value of having an inflatable tube man at their locations.  These waving dancers effortlessly attract eyes to your business and keep them there.  Our custom inflatable tube men dancers allow you to print images of products, which allows you to display large images of food.  Live images have proven to increase your sales conversion percentages. We offer…
  • Furniture and Mattress Sale Air Powered Tube Dancers

    Furniture and Mattress Sale Air Powered Tube Dancers (2)

    Stock puppet dancers for all furniture & mattress stores and outlets. Increase your sales with these low-cost furniture and mattress sale waving dancers. Ready to ship within 1 to 2 business days.  Inflatable tube man has been tested and proven to increase sales.  20% increase* in says is typical for most businesses, if the inflatable man is used outdoors 8 hours a day during regular business hours (increase in sales do vary per business). Our furniture and mattress sale air powered tube dancers are a must-have all small and large businesses.  Standing 20 feet tall, these dancers are very hard to miss.  They can easily be seen by anyone driving by on a busy highway.  If you have…
  • Open & Sale Air Powered Tube Dancers

    Open & Sale Air Powered Tube Dancers (10)

    Open & Sale Inflatable Tube Men for Outdoor Advertising Every inflatable tube man is professionally designed to get your business noticed. Start creating impressions instantly and begin rolling in more traffic. With more foot traffic to your door, you will naturally get more sales. Don't waste money on paying someone to wave an arrow or flag people in. Use these low-cost stock open & sale dancers to get it done by simply hitting the power switch. Why an air-powered tube dancer? Many key features make an inflatable tube men a better option than other outdoor signage. First, it is very easy to get installed -- simply drag a power cord, your air blower, and your air puppet…
  • Real Estate Air Inflatable Dancer Man

    Real Estate Air Inflatable Dancer Man (9)

    Real estate air powered tube dancers include slogans such as "Open House," "Vacancy," and "Now Renting." Customize your own inflatable tube men with your own logo and message.   Inflatable tube men designed for a variety of Real Estate purposes are an ingenious addition to outdoor advertising strategies for Real Estate agencies or agents. Here’s why they’re a powerful tool:   Instant Attention-Grabber: Inflatable tube men, customized for Real Estate, immediately catch the eye. Their vibrant colors and lively movements signal that something exciting is happening in the Real Estate market, enticing potential buyers, renters or sellers.   Promote Open Houses and Property Listings: These tube men serve as a dynamic way to advertise open houses, new…
  • Retail Business Air Powered Tube Dancers

    Retail Business Air Powered Tube Dancers (15)

    Large inventory of stock air powered tube dancers for retail stores. Customize our inflatable tube man to have your own business logos, specials, and other graphics.   An 18 ft Tube man is an incredibly versatile marketing tool that can benefit a wide range of Businesses & Retail stores in various industries. Here's why it's an excellent choice for diverse Businesses & Retail stores:   Universal Attention-Grabber: Regardless of the business type, an 18 ft tube man immediately captures attention. Whether it's a Retail store, Barbershop, Pet Store, or Check Cashing, it stands out and draws people in.   Engagement and Interaction: The playful movements of the tube man create an engaging atmosphere, encouraging interaction from passersby.…
  • Solid Color Inflatable Tube Man | Air Powered Tube Dancers for Outdoors

    Solid Color Inflatable Tube Man | Air Powered Tube Dancers for Outdoors (18)

    Choose from our huge inventory of solid color air powered tube dancers. Many solid colored designs to choose from and customize. We offer wholesale prices directly to the public. Don't see a solid color you need? Purchase our low cost custom printed air tube dancer with your own colors, text, and graphics. Solid colored inflatable tube men are very popular advertising items due to their goofy appearance and ease of install.  Simply attach the air puppet dancer to the motor and power it on.  Our brightly chosen colors are made to stand out from a huge crowd, therefore these inflated dancers are perfect for large outdoor festivals, such as food festivals, music festivals (Coachella, EDC, Winter Wonderland,…
  • Tax Service Inflatable Tube Men | Air Powered Tube Dancers

    Tax Service Inflatable Tube Men | Air Powered Tube Dancers (4)

    Many tax service franchises love our inflatable tube man designs. Each is professionally designed to create clean visual noise. Our tax service air powered tube dancers have proven to increase traffic to businesses. Pair them with our custom tax service feather flags for even more increase in sales.   Inflatable tube men for Income Tax services are a fantastic addition to outdoor advertising strategies for tax professionals or firms. Here's why they're a perfect fit:   Instant Visibility: Income Tax inflatable tube men immediately capture attention. Their vibrant colors and animated movements stand out, ensuring that anyone passing by can't miss your message, signaling that your tax services are available and ready to assist.   Tax Season…

Inflatable Tube Man

In-stock & Custom Available

When you purchase your inflatable tube men from Feather Flag Nation, you are getting the highest quality products. Not cheap nylon material, high quality polymesh material. Made to grab, punch, and hard to rip. Look for low cost upgrade options when purchasing these inflatable tube man designs. Sometimes, coupons are offered up to 10% off the product price

We do not embroider letters or graphics to our custom or stock tube dancers. Our production process involves printing directly onto the puppets body. We use a high quality polyester mesh material which is specifically tested and designed for inflatables. When you purchase from us, your text will not begin peeling off your sky puppet, like our competitors products. Not only do have use superior printing methods and materials, we also produce our custom air tube dancers in-house. Yes, they are made in the great USA. Our custom tube dancer and inflatable tube man orders usually ship within 2 to 3 business days. Free design services offered on all custom orders. We will do the layout before you purchase, just have your vector files or high resolution images ready to email to us.

Be sure to check out our other custom signs. After all, we are Feather Flag Nation, so we have to tell you to check out our awesome stock and custom feather flags. We offer a variety of sizes and styles for all of our custom flags. Dancers and feather flags pair together like peanut butter and jelly. When these two are used together, they create the perfect advertising campaign by creating instant impression, which of course leads to more traffic and sales.

Contact us today for support: sales@featherflagnation.com , or call us toll free 877-900-5692.