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3×5 Stock Solid Color Flags

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Please note that not all all colors or patterns are available. You can always contact us via phone, email or chat to check!


Black and Red Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Black and White Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Black and Yellow Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Blue and White Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Green and White Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Red and White Checkers 3x5 Flag +
Solid Black 3x5 Flag +
Solid (Light Magenta, Pink) 3x5 Flag +
Solid Burgundy 3x5 Flag +
Solid Dark Blue 3x5 Flag +
Solid Light Blue 3x5 Flag +
Solid Marina Blue 3x5 Flag +
Solid Dark Green Color 3x5 Flag +
Solid Light Green Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Yellow Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Golden Yellow Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Gray 3x5 Flag +
Solid Magenta Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Orange Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Red 3x5 Flag +
Solid Purple Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Violet Colored 3x5 Flag +
Solid Teal 3x5 Flag +
Solid White 3x5 Flag +
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Looking to just display your brand colors? We offer a wide variety of solid colors for 3×5 stock solid color flags! We also offer checkered flags in various colors. While these flags have no text these are great to let passersby know where you are or to catch their attention. Our flags come with grommets already and are made of a high-quality polyester blend. Our 3×5 stock solid color flags can also be used indoors or outdoors. Just keep an eye out for severe weather! While our stock flags are single-sided, the back is not blank, just a reverse of the front. But in the case of solid colors or checkers that don’t really make a difference.

  • Solid 3×5 Flags:

Timeless Representation: Solid color flags, whether monochrome or representing a specific hue, offers a timeless and straightforward visual representation. They symbolize simplicity, elegance, or sometimes specific meanings associated with colors (e.g., white for peace, red for passion).

Versatility in Usage: Solid flags are versatile and adaptable to various settings. They can be used for decorative purposes, in sporting events, as markers, or as a symbol of solidarity for specific causes or movements.

Minimalist Appeal: Their simplicity carries a powerful visual impact. Solid flags convey messages without distractions, making them suitable for diverse situations, from formal events to personal displays.

Customization Possibilities: Solid flags can be easily customized to match specific branding, events, or personal preferences. They offer flexibility in design and messaging, allowing for creative adaptations.

Durable and Resilient: High-quality materials ensure the flags remain durable even when displayed outdoors. They maintain their vibrancy and withstand various weather conditions.

  • Checkered 3X5 Flags:

Symbolism of Victory and Achievement: Checkered flags are synonymous with victory, used prominently in motorsports and events to signify the end of a race or a successful finish. They carry a sense of accomplishment and celebration.

Sporting and Event Significance: Checkered flags are iconic in the sporting world, particularly in racing events. Their presence represents the excitement of competition and the thrill of reaching the finish line.

Recognizable and Classic Design: The black and white checkered pattern is instantly recognizable and carries a classic design that transcends cultural barriers. It’s universally associated with the culmination of an event or race.

Appeal for Decorative Purposes: Beyond sports, checkered flags have decorative appeal. They can be used to add a sporty or dynamic touch to themed events, parties, or even as a unique room decor element.

Dynamic Visual Aesthetic: The contrasting pattern of black and white checks creates a visually striking appearance, making checkered flags stand out in various settings.

Whether it’s the simplicity and versatility of solid 3×5 flags or the iconic representation and sporting significance of checkered flags, both options carry unique visual appeal and symbolic value that can suit various preferences, events, or decorative purposes.

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  1. A You can't add any print to our already in-stock flags. To customize a flag, you can fill out our design request form: https://featherflagnation.com/custom-flags/