Furniture Sale Feather Flags


With millions of people moving cities, apartments, and houses every day, furniture is often left behind.  Therefore, people will need new furniture for their new location.  Our furniture sale feather flags are known to increase sales.  They are used by tens of thousands of furniture sale retailers throughout the United States of America.  We also carry banner flags with slogans such as Mattress Sale, Dining Sale, Counter-tops, Sofa sale, and many others in stock and ready to ship swooper flag designs.

Usually, there are several home goods and furniture outlets next to each other.  If you are looking to stand out from your neighbor, then it is important to use our feather flags for outdoor advertising.  These tall flags stand about 14ft tall with the aluminum pole kit and ground spike.  They are lightweight and easy to install.  Put them up or take them down within minutes.  Our stock feather flags are of high quality and low cost.

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Pole Sleeve Colors

Currently we only offer 3 different colors, keep in mind that our sleeve colors will not mach your flag artwork.

For example: if you are getting a red feather flag with the red pole sleeve, both reds are not going to be exactly the same red.