• Red Mattress Sale Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft air powered dancer guy
  • Furniture Sale Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft air powered tube dancer

Stock puppet dancers for all furniture & mattress stores and outlets. Increase your sales with these low-cost furniture and mattress sale waving dancers. Ready to ship within 1 to 2 business days.  Inflatable tube man has been tested and proven to increase sales.  20% increase* in says is typical for most businesses, if the inflatable man is used outdoors 8 hours a day during regular business hours (increase in sales do vary per business).

Our furniture and mattress sale air powered tube dancers are a must-have all small and large businesses.  Standing 20 feet tall, these dancers are very hard to miss.  They can easily be seen by anyone driving by on a busy highway.  If you have a location on the side of a freeway or a busy intersection, this advertising product is a must-have.  Ordering a customized inflatable tube man is highly advised to promote your specials and products.


An 18ft Tube man is a game-changer for a Furniture or Mattress store!

Here’s why it’s a fantastic investment:


Attract Attention: Furniture or Mattress stores can sometimes be overlooked, but an 18 ft tube man waving and dancing outside will undoubtedly draw attention. Its size and movement will make your store stand out among others nearby.


Showcase Offers and Sales: Whether it’s a clearance sale, special discounts, or new arrivals, the tube man is a lively and attention-grabbing way to alert passersby about your store’s promotions.


Highlight New Collections: When you have new furniture lines or Mattress sale, the tube man serves as a fantastic introduction. Its eye-catching presence can generate curiosity and drive customers to explore what’s in your store.


Create a Memorable Shopping Experience: The tube man adds an element of fun to the shopping experience. It creates a positive and memorable first impression for customers visiting your store, making their experience more enjoyable.


Visual Representation of Comfort and Style: Furniture or Mattress is all about comfort and style. The tube man’s dynamic movements can visually represent the comfort and style your furniture provides, enticing potential customers to step in and experience it for themselves.


Versatile Advertising Tool: Whether placed outdoors during a big sale or inside the store to guide customers to specific sections, the tube man is versatile and adaptable to various advertising needs within the furniture store.


Increase Foot Traffic: A dynamic and attention-grabbing display like an 18 ft tube man can significantly increase foot traffic to your store, potentially leading to higher sales and greater customer engagement.


Affordable Marketing Solution: Compared to many other advertising methods, the tube man offers a cost-effective way to continuously attract attention and promote your furniture store.


By investing in an 18 ft tube man for your Furniture or Mattress store, you’re not just getting an attention-grabbing advertising tool; you’re creating a lively and engaging atmosphere that draws customers in, showcases your products, and sets your store apart in a fun and memorable way.