Custom Retractable Banners

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Custom Retractable Banners
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    • Roll-up Retractable Banner 48″ x 80″
    • Roll-up Retractable Banner 33″ x 80″

    Hardware for Retractable Banners

    Premium Base

    Heavy Duty Base

    Economic Base

    Retractable Banner Sizes

    Retractable Banner Sizes Comparison

    Premium Stand for Retractable Banners

    A premium retractable banners stand is a must have for any trade show.  These roll-up banners are a great economical solution for your presentation needs. Standing 83” tall makes this sign effective for almost all events, expositions, and businesses.

    These pop up banner stands are great trade show displays because they are constructed from durable aluminum that wont break after a few uses.    The slim flat base makes these design work with all indoor decorations and makes this retractable banner stand more visually appealing than the 1 or 2 leg designs.

    Also, the slim design and thin print also make this banner stand take up very little space.

    The vinyl print for this retractable banner stand is help up by a telescopic pole piece. This will open up to about 82” to keep the vinyl print and displayed at all times. The retractable design also allows the poster to roll up or down in seconds. Each display includes a single-sided, full color vinyl sign that is 35.5” wide and 82” tall.  4” of the vinyl print will be inside the base.

    Since these retractable banners stands come with a custom designs, this is the optimal and most cost efficient sign for all new businesses on a budget.

    Benefits of a Retractable Banner Stand

    Indoor pop banners are portable and an effective way to display your business logo, current or new products, or any other message/graphic.  These roll-up banner stands, also sometimes called retractable displays, make a perfect backdrop for any trade show booth or indoor business display.

    Big brands such as Verizon, T-mobile, Boost mobile, and many many others use these retractable banners indoors with their products. They are great to get the specifications and pricing of new and upcoming products.

    Setup is also very quick and easy. The travel bag that this banner stand comes with also allows for easy storage and transport. No tools, no extra people needed. One person can carry this with ease and transport it wherever they like. Heck, you can even carry multiples due to the lightweight.

    A retractable banner stand pairs well with our custom feather flags. Purchase a 12ft feather flag with a cross-base to use indoors with these roll-up banner stands. Bring your creativity to life and use our design tool to create your own roll-up vinyl design, or simply click the design request button at the top of the page. If you want to read more about Retractable banner see blog link here.

    More Educational Content on Retractable Banners

    Custom retractable banners, also known as stand-up banners, represent a dynamic and adaptable medium for advertising, presentations, and event displays. These portable and customizable banners have become a staple for businesses, marketers, and exhibitors seeking to make a lasting visual impact while maintaining convenience and flexibility.

    Versatility in Design and Branding

    The hallmark of custom retractable banners lies in their adaptability. They offer a versatile canvas for branding, enabling businesses to showcase their logo, promotional messages, and captivating visuals. From trade shows to storefront displays, these banners serve as portable billboards, effectively communicating brand identity and attracting attention in various settings.

    Portability and Ease of Use

    One of the standout features of retractable banners is their user-friendly design. Compact and lightweight, they can be effortlessly transported and set up within minutes. The retractable mechanism allows for easy assembly and disassembly, making them ideal for on-the-go marketing or frequent changes in display locations without compromising quality.

    Impactful Visual Presentation

    Custom retractable banners command attention with their larger-than-life presence. Their expansive display area offers a visually striking platform to convey messages and graphics. The high-quality printing on durable materials ensures vibrant and sharp visuals, ensuring that the message stands out and leaves a memorable impression on the audience.

    Space-Efficient Display Solution

    In addition to their visual impact, retractable banners excel in space efficiency. Their vertical orientation maximizes limited space, making them perfect for crowded venues or areas with restricted display space. These banners effectively utilize vertical real estate, allowing businesses to convey their message without requiring extensive floor space.

    Reusability and Long-Term Investment

    Beyond their immediate impact, custom retractable banners offer long-term value. Their durable construction ensures they withstand multiple uses and remain in top-notch condition over time. The ability to interchange graphics or messages enables businesses to adapt banners for various campaigns, making them a cost-effective and sustainable marketing investment.


    Custom retractable banners, also recognized as stand-up banners, are more than portable advertising tools; they are dynamic marketing assets that combine visual appeal, versatility, and convenience. From impactful branding to portability and reusability, these banners serve as powerful mediums for businesses and organizations aiming to convey compelling messages while maximizing visual presence in diverse settings.