• 3x5 and 2x3 Flag Poles and Mounts

    3x5 and 2x3 Flag Poles and Mounts (8)

    Flag poles and mounts for 3x5' and 2x3' flags. Feather Flag Nation offers several options for mounts and flagpoles - choose the one that is best for you. Economy poles These poles are a budget-friendly option. These poles are the ones with the eagle on top. Made of aluminum and built to easily install by telescoping into each other. This also makes it easy to store. These poles are great for an event, or outside your home. However, these are not tangle-free. These poles can use single or double-sided 2x3 and 3x5 flags. Premium Poles These poles have a sphere on top and are coated with a stronger finishing. This makes them stronger and more durable. These…
  • Air Blower For Inflatable Tube Man

    Air Blower For Inflatable Tube Man (3)

    At Feather Flag Nation we offer three variations of blowers for Tube Men. We offer a blower for 6 foot, 8 foot, and 18 foot Tube Men. Our blowers add approximately 2 feet overall height when put with a Tube Man. For example, a 6 foot Tube Man on a blower is now approximately 8 feet overall. Our 6 foot Tube Man blow is 1/3 horsepower. Our 8 foot Tube Man blower is ½ horsepower. Last but not least, our 18 foot Tube Man blower is 1 horsepower. Our blowers all include arms on the side to easily carry or move the blower. Our biggest blower (18 foot) comes with wheels for more ease in moving it…
  • Feather Flag Hardware

    Feather Flag Hardware (20)

    Feather Flag Hardware -you will find various options to mount your stock or custom feather flags. A pole kit and mounting hardware is required to properly use your flag. If you have any questions, please be sure to contact us using the chat at the bottom of our email sales@featherflagnation.com.
  • Hardware for Small 6ft and 5ft Flags

    Hardware for Small 6ft and 5ft Flags (8)

    Hardware for our 5ft & 6ft feather flags can be found below. These flags are limited to only the cross-base and ground spike options. Other mounting choices are only available for our larger 12ft feather flags or rectangle flags.
  • Rectangle Flag Hardware

    Rectangle Flag Hardware (16)

    Mounting hardware for our rectangle flags can be found in this category. The mounting hardware between our stock and custom feather and rectangle flags is interchangeable unless you've purchased travel packages.  Pole kits that hold up the flags are not universal.    If you need the assembly pole kit for the feather flags, please CLICK HERE to make the purchase.  The pole kit purchased from this page will only work with our rectangle flags.
  • Teardrop Flags Hardware

    Teardrop Flags Hardware (16)

    Below you will find our teardrop pole kit and the available mounting hardware.

Hardware For Feather Flags, Banner & Signs

Our feather flag hardware options make our feather banners a versatile advertising tool. You’ll find an array of base options, including those meant for use indoors, outdoors, in-ground and above-ground. Accessories, like weight bags, ground stakes and stabilizers, will help keep your custom feather flag flying just where you want it. Taking your flag from one place to another? Check out the carrying bags available for on the go travel. Whether it’s poles, bases or bags, we’ve got everything you need to go along with your feather banner.

If advertising feather flag hardware is what you need, we’ve got the right tools for the job. Feather Flag Nation has hardware for every flag you can think of. This includes flag poles for feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle, swooper, and more. 

Think we missed some? We also have stakes and poles for your garden and backpack flags. We have stakes for yard signs. If you have advertising signage, you can best believe we have the materials you need, to stand it up.

Not just poles though, we also have different bases. We have steel ground spikes for in-ground flags as well as cross bases, flat bases and weight donuts for above-ground flags. Thought we wouldn’t have mounts for 3×5 and other standard sized flags? You thought wrong. 

We even have the motorized blowers for our air dancer tube men in stock! Never have to worry about needing to find a replacement piece of equipment again.

But what if I got a custom flag? If you created your custom flag with us, you best believe we have the pole kits for you. You get a choice between full aluminum poles, or our fiberglass tip feather flag kit in almost any size and a choice of base.

We have pole kits for multiple shapes and sizes including our teardrop flags. Just let us know the size of your flag, and the mounting hardware you would like, and we’ll be able to get you what you need.

Want something more heavy duty? Upgrade to our premium pole sets. Our premium pole kits are thicker and stronger to withstand the toughest of conditions, and are built to last longer than the competition.

This all sounds nice but how am I going to carry all this hardware? Well we also sell traveling bags for many sizes of pole kits and flags. Just give us a call to see if your pole kit will fit one of our convenient traveling bags.