Custom Inflatable Tube Man

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custom inflatable tube man custom air dancer
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    Custom Inflatable Tube Men Sizes

    A cutom inflatable tube man is an air powered dancer that creates instant impressions to get your business noticed right away. Impressions lead to more traffic, which leads to more sales. We offer three different inflatable tube designs for you to choose from. As with our other custom flags, our custom tube dancers are proudly designed and crafted in the USA.

    Why Purchase A Custom Inflatable Tube Man, Inflatable Tube Dancer, Or Tube?

    The answer is simple. This item, like custom feather flags or banner flags, increases your sales. We’ve received positive feed from almost all clients. Your sales will increase if you use one of these custom air puppets near a busy location. If the custom tube dancer is design properly, made right, and placed at the proper location, it will pay for itself within days. Make your business stand out from your competition. Purchase a custom inflatable tube man or tube man today.

    Additionally, Feather Flag Nation’s custom inflatable tube men and stock air dancing puppetsuse a uniquely designed base which creates smooth air flow through the sky dancer. This increases the life span of the puppets and also allows for a quiet operation of the fans.

    Custom Layouts And Design Services For Custom Flags, Signs, And Inflatable Tube Men

    Feather Flag Nation does not charge extra for anything else. You simply pay the listed price and shipping costs. We do not charge any setup fees, we do not have any color restrictions, and we will do the layout for you. Simply send us a custom design request with your logo(s) and images. Get your custom inflatable tube man’s digital design proof BEFORE you make a purchase. You do not need to spend a single penny to see what your layout will look like.

    Our goal is to create a highly visual yet easily readable tube man puppet. Outdoor advertising requires easy to read messages. We will use our decades of experience to craft you the best custom outdoor advertising sky dancer puppet.

    Looking to grab more attention and increase your sales even further? Buy some custom flags or banner flags for outdoor use. Having custom flags fluttering next to your inflatable dancers adds greatly to your location. Feather swooper flags compliment air powered dancer or tubes very well!

    Custom Inflatable Tube Man And Tube Materials

    Do not buy from any vendor that uses Nylon for their dancers. Nylon is not a good long term outdoor material! Grab it once and it will pop. With the combination of an uncontrolled air blow from the air motor and a cheap nylon material, the competitors dancer’s will quickly rip and deteriorate. Nylon materials also require the text to be embroidered on — this leads to the letters flying off as the body begins to wear down. Feather Flag Nations high quality fabric material allows you to use our dancers as a punching bag. We print directly on to our material, which means no worries of your text or graphics flying off. Additionally, our material is much more durable. Go ahead — grab the puppet, push it around, punch it or kick it. Our inflated dancers are not fragile. But as always, abusing the item will wear and tear quicker. Items will last longer the better you treat them.

    Usage Tips

    1. Do not use these air dancing puppets at a location with a lot of pebbles or gravel. The uplifting air flow can lift small debris and damage your motor or air dancing puppet.

    2. If it is raining outdoors, DO NOT USE THE inflatable tube man. Rain will damage the electrical components in the motor.

    3. You can hand wash the air puppets with light soap. Hang them to dry. Do not put into dryer or use wet dancer on the blower fan.

    4. Using an inflatable man during windy days is okay. We do advise you take them inside if you are experience high winds, gusts, or a storm. The tube dancer puppets or tubes will wear and tear quicker under bad weather conditions.

    5. Use the inflatable tube man or tube near the entrance of your shopping complex, on a sidewalk, or a patio/lawn. Keep the dancer at least 15 to 20 feet away from the road. You do not want your inflatable tube man or tube to fall onto the road if you have a power outage or motor failure. Keep away from the reach of children. Make sure sprinkler systems do not damage your puppet or motor! Keep away from wet areas!

    Life Time Of FREE Repairs For Your Custom Inflatable Tube Man

    As long as your custom puppet can be repaired, we will do it for free. Send us a picture of the damage for repair verification. If repairable, you simply ship the custom air puppet back to us with a return label. Once received, we will repair and ship it back to within 2 to 4 business days.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Before we start, let us list the different names that these inflatable tube men are called.  These inflatable tube men are also referred to as sky dancers, flailing air dancer, sky puppet, inflatable tube mans, air puppet, waving man, fly guy, dancing tubes, tube man, and many other names. They are all the same type of signage – tubes with arms, face, and hair that wave around with an air blower attached to it. The materials, quality, and look differs but they function the same way.

    Whats makes your inflatables better than your competitors?

    Our custom inflatable tube men are made in the USA.  Which means high quality production, extended support, and quick turn-around times.  On top of this, we use a special polyester material made for inflatables which allows us to print full color graphics. Almost all other inflatable tube men are currently being made from nylon, which results in a lot of design restrictions.  Our inflatable tubes will allow you to bring your creativity to life with full color designs.  No layout restrictions – we encourage all air powered dancers to be designed with live images.

    Does the inflatable tube man come with a blower?

    They tube dancers are sold as just replacement bodies or complete sets. The item page will let you know if an tube dancer blower is included or not.

    Do you rent these inflatable tube men?

    Unfortunately, we do not rent these inflatables.

    Do you have a mini air dancing tube?

    We are working towards adding mini 6ft and medium 10ft sky dancers. Once they are added, we’ll add them to this page.

    How long will these sky dancers last?

    The lifespan will vary depending on how often the air blower and dancer is used. If used periodically, they last 1+ years. If it is used every day for 8+ hours, this lifespan will decrease.

    Can I use the inflatable tube man blower on very hot days?

    Yes, but you air blower motor will be under a lot of stress due to the heat. We advise to use it periodically throughout the day during busy hours on extremely hot days.

    Do you have used inflatable tube mans for sale?

    At the moment, we do not offer any used sky dancers, as we do not accept returns on used advertising products.

    Do you sew your graphics?

    Absolutely not. Sewing or embroidering graphics and text onto an custom inflatable tube man is a horrible method. Over time, your letters and graphics will begin flying off the inflatable tube man due to the threads becoming loose or rubbing against ab object.

    We print directly onto our dancers, which not looks great, but it also allows you to use live images, unlimited graphics, and text.

    What material are you sky dancers?

    We’ve developed our own polyester material for our inflatables, which is very durable, wont rip from your grabbing it, and allows you to punch it as much as you like.

    Why aren’t your fly guys made of nylon?

    Nylon simply is not a good material for inflatables. It easily pops from someone hugging your tube dancer, it doesn’t resist hot temperatures very well, and the colors do not look vibrant. Overall, it is a horrible material for air puppets. Stay away from nylon!!

    Do you offer wholesale prices or broker programs?

    Yes, you can fill out the broker request form to apply as a re-seller. All of our signs are available to brokers.

    Do you offer discounts to corporations?

    Yes, discounts are offered on large quantity orders. For tube dancers, large quantity is considered 20 or more puppets purchased at a one time.

    Do you offer color match guarantees?

    No color match is guaranteed. Colors will differ from one material to another. No refunds will be provided for any color variance. Colors will be lighter in person than your computer screen. Blues, red, and purples are tricky colors and tend to vary the most.

    Can we get this tomorrow?

    If placed earlier than 10am PST, we can get a select number of custom inflatable tube mans shipped out the same day. Rush fees do apply. Please contact us prior to placing any rush orders. They do need to be confirmed.

    Not sure how to set up your air inflatable dancer?

    Click here to learn how to set up an sky dancer in 2 minutes