• Nissan Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft air powered dancer guy
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      Nissan Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft air powered dancer guy
    • Nissan Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft air powered dancer guy

    • 18' air powered dancer body only will be sent, unless upgrades are selected.  Front and back of the puppet will have the same design. Order ships 1 to 2 business days after order is received.
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  • Toyota Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft Auto Dealership Air Powered Dancing Guy

Variety of stock auto dealership air powered dancer puppets.  Many inflatable tube men available for new and used auto dealerships. Customize them at a very low near wholesale price. Full color prints allow you to efficiently advertise your promotions and create positive impressions of your dealership. Inflatable tube man is a must have for your next car lot promotions order. Buy now and save big.

Auto dealerships were the original consumers of air powered tube dancers in the United States.  They knew the importance of using air powered dancers to attract eyes to their lot and products.  These inflatable men also pair very well with our other auto dealer supplies:  feather flags, window clip-on flags, windshield banners, and avenue banners.   You can rest assured that with a mix of all of these products at your car lot, you are bound to increase sales.  We offer discounts to franchise owners — contact us at sales@featherflagnation.com for discounts on bulk purchases of auto dealership dancers, flags, or vinyl banners.


An 18ft tube man is an absolute game-changer for Auto Dealerships, and here’s why it’s the perfect fit:


Attention Magnet: Auto dealerships often have extensive lots, and an 18 ft tube man waving and dancing is impossible to miss. It instantly draws attention, making your dealership stand out among the competition.

Promote Special Offers: Whether it’s a clearance sale, seasonal discounts, or promotional events, the tube man serves as a lively and eye-catching way to announce these offers, attracting potential buyers to your lot.


Showcase New Arrivals: When you get new vehicle models or special editions, the tube man serves as a fantastic introduction. Its dynamic movements create curiosity and excitement about the latest additions to your inventory.


Create a Dynamic Atmosphere: The tube man adds an element of fun and vibrancy to the dealership. It creates a positive first impression for customers visiting your lot, making their car-shopping experience more engaging and memorable.


Visual Representation of Excitement: Buying a car is a significant decision, and the tube man’s lively movements can symbolize the excitement and satisfaction customers can expect when purchasing a vehicle from your dealership.


Guide Customer Traffic: Placed strategically, the tube man can guide potential customers to specific areas of your lot, such as featured vehicles, service centers, or financing departments, enhancing customer engagement.


Increase Foot Traffic and Sales: An attention-grabbing display like an 18ft tube man significantly increases foot traffic to your dealership. More foot traffic often translates into increased sales opportunities.


Cost-Effective Marketing Tool: Compared to many other advertising methods, the tube man offers a cost-effective way to continuously attract attention and promote your dealership, making it an excellent investment.


By incorporating an 18ft tube man into your auto dealership’s marketing strategy, you’re not just adding an attention-grabbing element; you’re creating a dynamic and engaging environment that attracts potential buyers, highlights your offers, and enhances your dealership’s visibility, ultimately boosting sales and customer engagement.