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SKU: NSH-765

Air Blower for 6ft Inflatable Tube Man

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Air Tube Dancer Blower for the 6ft tube man
Total Height of 8ft with blower – In stock and ready to ship.


At Feather Flag Nation we offer three variations of blowers for Tube Men. We offer a blower for 6 foot, 8 foot, and 18 foot Tube Men. Our blowers add approximately 2 feet overall height when put with a Tube Man. For example, a 6 foot Tube Man on a blower is now approximately 8 feet overall.

Our 6 foot Tube Man blow is 1/3 horsepower. Our 8 foot Tube Man blower is ½ horsepower. Last but not least, our 18 foot Tube Man blower is 1 horsepower.

Our blowers all include arms on the side to easily carry or move the blower. Our biggest blower (18 foot) comes with wheels for more ease in moving it around. The blower also has the option to remove the wheels.
At Feather Flag Nation our blowers come at a cheap price, but at a high quality.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A We don't measure our blowers in Amps, but I can tell you that our 6ft tube man blower runs on 1/3 horsepower. The 8ft tube man blowers run on 1/2 horsepower, and the 18ft blower runs on 1 horsepower.
  2. A If the tube man and the blower have the same diameter, then it should be able to work!
  3. A Hello thank you for contacting Feather Flag Nation! The diameter for the 6ft blower is 9 inches.
  4. A Our blowers can be used in cold weather, but they are not waterproof. Please bring them inside when it rains or snows.
  5. A Unfortunately, we do not have battery powered air blowers.