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Bring your creativity to life with our high-quality customized flags. Advertise your business, print your favorite picture, or create an awesome hanging decoration piece. These flags are available in single-sided and double-sided banner prints. Finishing options allow for easy mounting or hanging.

Our most popular customized flag size 3ft x 5ft. This size can be used on various small flag poles. They are typically finished with grommets so that they can be installed with clips or rope. This size is also great to use at your home’s front door, concerts, inside university dorms, trade-shows, special events, sporting events, and almost everywhere else!

If you are a company looking to display your brand or a University fraternity showing your pride, let us help you create the perfect design.  Simply fill out the design form and we’ll take care of the rest.  Don’t waste time with clunky online designing apps that give you little freedom of choice.

We have live support available to answer all of your questions!  Call us now toll-free at 877-900-5692. Our customized flags are made in the USA from start to finish.  Rush services available to have your flag ready the same day or the next day (rush fees do apply).

Custom Flags
Double Sided vs
Single Sided

Single-sided customized flags will have a mirrored image of printed graphics on the back. The ink from the bleed penetrates through the material to be visible on the back.

Double-sided customized flags will have two readable sizes. We’ll print on the front and back of the flag so no matter which way the wind blows, your flag will always be readable. Double-sided customized flags will have no visibility from one side to the other. We’ll always have a block-out in the middle of the two layers of two-sided flags to prevent this.


Order High-Quality Custom Polyester Flags Online

Are you looking for durable customized flags at a cheap price? We’ve got you covered! Create your own design by downloading our flag template or simply hit the submit design request button above and have one of our professional designers create a free design mock-up for you to review. These polyester flags are great to display anything that you want to share with the world. Sales, news, updates, logos, school pride, important dates, and so much more will stand out to the public on outdoor banner flags and other products that we can customize just for you.

Our custom flags are made of high quality 4pz polyester material (110 GSM). 

We produce our own materials and craft our custom flags in-house. By having control over every step of production, we can provide you with high-quality flag prints. Our products are made in the USA, so you know that when you choose us, you are supporting our American economy, not China’s.

When you choose Feather Flag Nation for your advertising products, you invest in long-lasting quality, effective advertising flags, inexpensive products that are also well-made, and a fun advertising campaign. You can browse our store for advertising flags for sale, view different types and sizes, or customize indoor and outdoor advertising flags that are perfect for your organization or business and crafted to your tastes. Call us if you need help designing your custom flags.

In addition to these standard customized flags, we offer a variety of other customized signs with your own specifications. You can choose from an almost limitless variety of colors, schemes, patterns, fonts, texts, and more! Send us an image of what you are looking for and we will try to make it come to life. 

Our most popular customized flags style would be our feather flags.  A favorite among most of our clients.


Frequently Asked Questions
About Customized Flags

Everything there's to know about our customized flags, Production Time, Shipping Time, Material and More...

What are customized flags?

Anything printed with your own graphics, text, logos, etc is considered a “customized flag.” Our flags are made from durable polyester material that is made to use outdoor under standard weather conditions, including rain.  We use high-quality Germain ink that helps to fight fading, making your flags last much longer.

You can pick several finishing options for custom flags, such as grommets and sleeves, which allows you to secure the flag to almost any location.  This versatility makes it great to use at multiple locations, such as flag poles, windows, fences, walls, and etc.  You can mount them to walls easily with nails, thumb-tacks, or wall-mount hooks.

These custom flags are rectangular in shape and come in a few varying sizes. These are often used for residential purposes, such as bedrooms and livings rooms, or for smaller display purposes for commercial locations. These are also popular for churches to use for their setting.

How do they differ from feather, rectangle, teardrop, or flag banners?

Feather flagsteardrop flagsrectangle flags, and our other flag banners are specialty advertising or business flags that have a distinct shape and use pole pockets on the flag to go onto our flag poles. Our pole kits come either as full aluminum telescopic pieces or with a flexible fiber-glass tip that bends to the shape of the flag banner.

These types of advertising flags do not come with grommets, so they do require a custom-fitted pole kit and amount to display them indoors or outdoors. Sizes typically range from 8ft to 17ft in height. We can custom craft hardware and flags to larger sizes if needed.  The primary use for these flag banners is for business and event promotions. Trade shows are also a popular location.

Is a flag pole included with my purchase of a custom flag?

Flagpoles are not included by default for custom flags but you can add them to your order from the upgrade options. We have telescopic poles available for all of our custom flags.

What is the difference between polyester and nylon flags?

Nylon material is a thinner softer material that is often used for only solid colors, embroider, or other simple designs. Polyester material on the other hand is a tightly meshed material that allows for printing of all types of graphics and high-quality polyester is heavier and more durable than Nylon. Nylon flags are made for short term (seasonal) use. They tend to fade and rip much quicker than polyester flags since they are not as wind resistant. This makes a polyester flag a much better option for outdoor use.

Do you offer flag kits?

Yes, you can upgrade your order to include flag poles and mounts of your choice.

Do you offer flagpole mounts?

Yes, mounts can be purchased from the 3×5 flag’s hardware page or from the drop-down options on the product page.

Will sun exposure fade the flag?

Our custom flags and flag banners are meant to be used outdoors, so avoiding the sun is usually not an option.  If you are planning to use them at a few events a year, fading will not be a concern.

For long term outdoor use, the flags will fade over time due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Fading in this case is not avoidable, but we do use high-quality ink which does fight fading. While most flags fade within a few months, ours usually last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, IF you are using the flag outdoors every day for that period of time.

Can the wind blow away my flag?

This will depend on how well your flag is secured to the flagpole that you have purchased. Be sure to always have a clip to tie your flag down to the pole. Most of our custom flags will come with a small 6” rope at the bottom, which can help you tie them down.

What is your smallest flag size?

Our smallest flag size would be our window clip-on flags.  They are 12” x 14”. Our largest flag would be restricted in height, which is 5′ (including the 2” sleeve). For the width, you can go as large as 100ft. Our typical largest size is 5’x8 or 8’x5.

Can I request an odd shape?

Yes, we can usually finish the flag in various ways. Let us know how you want your flag to be finished and we’ll see if we can make it happen.

What are popular sizes for a custom flag?

Our most popular sizes would include our 2×3′ or 3×5′ flags.

If you are trying to gauge which size flag would work best on your flag pole, there is a general rule you should follow for flags, which is that your flag’s width should be at least a quarter of the height of your poles.

As an example:

If you have a 20′ flag pole, your flag’s width should be a 1/4 of 20, which is 5 feet.  So a 3×5′ flag would be perfect for a 20-foot pole.

A 5×8′ flag would work best for a 32-foot pole.

You can purchase the flag size that matches most closely with what is needed for your flag pole.  It does not need to be exact.

What material is your custom flag made of?

Our custom flags and flag banners are made of 110gm polyester material, which would be 4oz.  This is ideal and the best-tested weight for durability and print quality.

What is the lifespan of a custom flag?

For typical use and with proper care and storing, the lifespan of the flag is 5+ years.  Typical use means using the flag for specific events, shows, etc a few times a year. It is advised to store the flag neatly folded at room temperature.

If you are planning to display the flag in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or in severe/adverse weather conditions, it will greatly lessen the lifespan of your flag.

How are my graphics printed to the flag?

We use a direct to material print process which allows for high ink density (good bleed through for rich colors, such as red, black, yellow, blue, etc) and vibrant colors.  The flag is then cured to allow you to use it in the rain.  We do not use cheap dye sublimation or heat transfer process.

Do you offer embroidered flags or air dancers?

We currently do not offer hand-stitched or embroidered flags, banners, or other signs.

Are your flags fire resistant?

No.  The flags are heat resistant but are not designed to resist fire.  Do not use any of our flags near an open flame or sparks. They can catch fire!

Do I have to use your templates for my flag banner?

Yes, our templates have specific bleeds built in to fit our poles, hemming machines, and cutters.  Because of this, we do require that you only use our templates.

Can your flags be double-sided?

All of our custom flags and flag banners are available in double-sided.  We use a 100% block-out in between our flags to prevent any visibility from one side to the other.

Can both sides be different for double-sided flags?

Yes, both sides can have different graphics.  A front and backside is printed separately for double-sided custom flags.

Care of Custom Flags
How do I best take care of my flag?

When your flag is not in use, we advise you to fold it and store it away at room temperature.  Outdoor barns, sheds, garages, etc tend to get very hot and can damage your flag.  Keep the flag inside a protective box.  Do not use hard cleaners, such as bleach to clean your flag.  Remember, there is ink printed onto the material, which can be removed with hard cleaners.

Is my flag washable?

All of our custom flags are machine washable using a light washing cycle and cold water only.  Do not put your flag in with other clothes or flags.  Flags are not to be put into the dryer.  All flags must be air-dried.   Your flag makes shows wrinkles, which are usually removed when it is used under sunlight for a short period of time.  DO NOT IRON your flags to remove wrinkles.