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    Use Auto Dealership Pole Banners (Avenue Banner) for

    Car Dealers




    Our auto dealership pole banners (or avenue banners) are a great way to promote your dealership, church, school, or even city-wide events. These advertising banners, sometimes also called light pole banners, can be seen in all directions with our double-sided design. Avenue Banners can be added to sky poles, street poles, or light posts. Though we recommend for you to customize these banners, we do have a huge variety of pre-designed graphics that you can choose from. These banners are made with heavy-duty vinyl material that is made to last outdoors. We use long-lasting UV protected ink to print these items, which means the ink will fade extremely slowly. Both new and used auto dealerships that have purchased these prints from us have used them for many years at a time.

    Our Avenue Banners have a 2” white sleeve at the top and bottom. Each banner has a 1” white border located on the left and right of the banner. Our auto dealership pole banners come in three sizes: 3×8, 3×6, and 2×4, but another sizing is available upon request. All Avenue Banner’s are sold double-sided, hardware not included. Hardware is sold separately as single units. Each unit is sold as a single bracket arm.

    Avenue Banners can be used for churches, schools, and events. If you want to decorate the poles leading up to you or just make sure people don’t miss out on events happening around town, then send in your design request today! These banners can easily grab attention and help decorate the sidewalks leading up to your business or events.

    Contact us for more info about ordering customized feather flags, air dancers, windshield banners, and pole signs to decorate your auto dealership car lot for your next big sale.  We offer discounts to corporate customers!  Let us help you break your sales record this year!  Auto dealer supplies are a must to create clean visual noise to attract more potential buyers to your lot.

    Avenue Banners for Auto Dealerships

    All dealerships should have an avenue banner for their business. The passerby and/or new customer will be able to see these beautiful banners from busy streets, sidewalks, and highways and know exactly what you have to offer.

    Please be aware we are not affiliated, sponsored, or endorsed by any company’s logo or logos that may be present on these sample designs.  Before placing an order for any of these sample custom items, you must have obtained all rights to use any and all logo(s) on this design.  It is your responsibility to make sure you or your clients have obtained the rights to use any banners you order.  This is a custom item, therefore it cannot be returned or exchanged.

    Sample Designs of Auto Dealership Pole Banners

    Customize your designs as you like.  Your logo, slogan, and images.

    Custom products are made in-house.

    More Educational Content on Avenue Banners

    In urban landscapes, the visual appeal of streets and avenues plays a pivotal role in creating a sense of vibrancy and character. Avenue banners, also known as lamp pole banners or light pole banners, serve as versatile canvases that infuse these urban corridors with color, identity, and a distinct charm. Customized to complement the aesthetics of the surroundings, these banners elevate the ambiance of streetscapes, leaving a lasting impression on residents and visitors alike.

    Avenue Banners: Enhancing Street Appeal

    Avenue banners, spanning across lamp poles or light poles, serve as dynamic elements that transform thoroughfares into engaging spaces. These banners, when customized, not only add aesthetic appeal but also convey a sense of community identity or promote local events, festivals, or initiatives. They contribute to the visual coherence of streets, enhancing their allure and inviting pedestrians to explore their surroundings.

    Customization and Visual Impact

    The beauty of avenue banners lies in their customizable nature. They offer a vinyl canvas for expressing community pride, showcasing local culture, or highlighting specific themes. Custom designs, featuring vivid colors, distinctive graphics, and pertinent messages, capture attention and evoke interest. Whether celebrating seasonal events, city milestones, or cultural heritage, these banners serve as visual storytellers that engage and captivate passersby.

    Functional and Versatile Displays

    Beyond their visual impact, avenue banners serve functional purposes. They can delineate districts or neighborhoods, guide foot traffic during events, or denote special zones within a cityscape. Their versatility allows for a variety of applications, from promoting local businesses to welcoming visitors, creating an inclusive and inviting environment.

    Community Engagement and Identity

    Avenue banners play a crucial role in fostering community engagement. They reinforce a sense of belonging and identity, showcasing local pride and unity. When residents see their neighborhood or city represented on these banners, it creates a sense of ownership and connection, fostering a positive perception of the area.


    Custom avenue banners, whether termed as lamp pole banners or light pole banners, are integral components of urban aesthetics and community engagement. Their ability to customize, enhance visual appeal, and convey meaningful messages contributes to the overall ambiance of streets and avenues. Beyond their decorative purpose, these banners become symbols of community identity, promoting a sense of belonging and pride among residents while inviting visitors to explore and appreciate the unique character of a cityscape.