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Neeed assistance in assembling your 6-foot feather flag? Check out this instructional video for a step-by-step guide on setting it up! The tutorial features a standard 6-foot feather flag equipped with flexible poles and a ground spike.

Small Feather Flags - In Stock and Ready to Ship

Our small feather flags are 6ft tall and 2ft wide.  These are perfect to use indoors. Popular locations include malls, indoor swap-meets, product booths, and store-front use.  These flags are now being offered at the lowest prices ever.  Purchase before 12 pm PST and we’ll get these shipped out someday!

Franchise Feather Flags

We have small and large feather flags for a variety of different cellular franchises, such as MetroPCS,  and T-mobile.  These are a hit with franchise owners that are located inside malls or at busy outdoors locations — such as downtown Los Angeles and New York.

Flags for Outdoor or Indoor Events

Our Entrance and Exit flag banners are top sellers to event coordinators.  They allow your audience to easily locate where they need to enter and leave your event.  No one likes being lost in a maze when all they want to do is locate that “exit” sign.  Due to the lightweight flag pole kit and flag design, you can easily mount these with brackets or zip-ties to various locations around a tent, truck, trailer, and other objects.

Small Feather Flags - Solid Colors

By far our most popular designs would be our solid colored flags.  These are popular simply because you can use them at any business, events, or location.  They are often used as decor at housing communities or at entrances of businesses.  We’ve even had people use these small feather flags as safety zone markers, meeting points, and landing markers.

Custom Feather Flags

These 6ft flags can also be purchased with your own graphics.  We have a variety of sizes for our custom feather flags for you to choose from.    Our 8ft custom feather flag kit will match the size and style of these stock flags.  If you are looking for something larger, our 15ft custom flag banner is our most popular size and it matches our feather flag sale that is currently going on!

We also have a variety of other standard custom flags and other unique designs for you to choose from.  Our shapes include custom feather flags, rectangle flags, teardrop flags, and flag banners.

Swift Solutions: Ready-to-Ship 6-Foot Single-Sided Feather Flags

Our inventory proudly presents a diverse range of 6-foot single-sided feather flags, offering dynamic and eye-catching solutions for various promotional needs. These flags are not only readily available for immediate shipment within 1 business day but also stand as cost-effective tools to amplify brand visibility and messaging.

Diverse Selection

Our collection of 6-foot single-sided feather flags is designed to cater to a multitude of requirements. From vibrant colors to attention-grabbing designs, our inventory offers an assortment of options suitable for diverse industries, events, and promotional purposes. These flags serve as impactful tools, whether announcing sales, directing foot traffic, or enhancing brand recognition.

Rapid Shipping

With a commitment to prompt service, our 6-foot single-sided feather flags are primed for immediate shipment within 1 business day. This swift turnaround ensures that businesses and events requiring urgent promotional solutions can rely on our flags to arrive swiftly, ready to enhance visibility and make an instant impact.

Cost-Effectiveness and Quality

While our flags boast rapid availability, they are also exceptionally cost-effective. Their affordability doesn’t compromise on quality; these flags are crafted to withstand outdoor conditions while maintaining their vibrant colors and visual appeal. Their cost-effectiveness makes them an ideal choice for businesses seeking impactful yet budget-friendly marketing tools.

Versatile Visibility

The 6-foot height of these single-sided feather flags offers a balance between visibility and space efficiency. Their ability to sway gracefully in the wind catches attention effortlessly, making them ideal for indoor or outdoor settings. Whether used at storefronts, events, or trade shows, these flags ensure impactful visibility and brand recognition.

Our inventory of 6-foot single-sided feather flags showcases a diverse array of attention-grabbing solutions. Their immediate availability within 1 business day ensures swift deployment, catering to urgent promotional needs. Moreover, their cost-effectiveness combined with high-quality craftsmanship makes them a smart investment for businesses seeking impactful marketing tools. From their diverse designs to their effective visibility, these flags stand as versatile and cost-effective assets, ready to elevate brand visibility and messaging promptly and effectively. Want to read more about our flags click on out blog link here.