• 3x5 Country Flags

    3x5 Country Flags (181)

    3x5ft flags available for various countries. Over 150 different countries to choose from. Polyester material keeps the flags low weight and easy to pin to walls or use at events.
  • 3x5 Pirate Flags

    3x5 Pirate Flags (7)

    3 feet tall and 5 feet wide pirate flags. Bring any pirate themed party to life with these easy to pin flags.
  • 3x5 Slogan Flags

    3x5 Slogan Flags (31)

    3x5ft flags for businesses to use outside. Great to decorate your building and easy to install at various locations.
  • 3x5 Military Flags

    3x5 Military Flags (7)

    Military Flags - 3ft x 5ft. USMC, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, Army, & POW.
  • 3x5 State Flags

    3x5 State Flags (50)

    3x5ft flags available for all of the United States of America. Low-cost and easy to install indoors and outdoors. It comes with grommets that you can attach to various locations.

Stock and custom 3×5 flags parent category.   State, country, solid, checkered, and flags with slogans on them.  Our stock 3×5 flags are only $4.99.  These are great for indoor use or short term outdoor flag pole usage.    Our custom 3×5 flags are perfect for any indoor or outdoor events.  Use our online design tool and let your creativity run wild.  A custom flag is great to display a unique design for your business or brand.

The polyester material is light weight and durable, making these flags great for outdoor use under standard weather conditions.  We do advise to take them inside during severe weather or high winds, as it will begin wearing and tearing the flags down quicker.

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