• 3x5 Country Flags

    3x5 Country Flags (138)

    Flags from over 150 countries provide a comprehensive representation of the world's diversity. It's a fantastic way to celebrate the global community and showcase respect for different cultures and nations.   Educational and Cultural Learning: Displaying flags from various countries is an excellent educational tool. It offers the chance to learn about each nation's history, symbolism, and culture, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for different parts of the world.   Versatile Decoration: Whether it's for schools, businesses, cultural events, or personal spaces, having flags from different countries adds an international touch. They can be displayed indoors or outdoors, creating an inclusive and worldly atmosphere.   Promoting Global Awareness: Displaying flags from diverse nations promotes global awareness…
  • 3x5 Pirate Flags

    3x5 Pirate Flags (7)

    Whether it's for a themed party, pirate-themed event, or simply to add a swashbuckling touch to your space, this flag sets the stage for a thrilling atmosphere.   Captivating Visual Appeal: Pirate-themed flags, adorned with skull and crossbones, or other iconic pirate symbols, instantly draw attention and pique curiosity, making them a captivating decorative piece.   Role-Playing and Entertainment: Perfect for pirate enthusiasts, reenactments, or themed gatherings, the flag becomes a centerpiece for role-playing and entertainment, fostering an immersive experience.   Nautical and Coastal Vibes: For coastal areas, beachfront businesses, or maritime-themed venues, this flag enhances the nautical ambiance, adding character and charm to the surroundings.   Versatile Usage: Whether displayed indoors as room decor or hung…
  • 3x5 Slogan Flags

    3x5 Slogan Flags (33)

    A 3x5 flag showcasing a combination of car wash, sale, used tires, and a welcoming message offers a versatile and attention-grabbing tool for different purposes:   Multipurpose Advertising: This flag is a powerhouse of advertising, combining multiple messages in one visual display. It effectively communicates various offerings, including car wash services, ongoing sales, availability of used tires, and a welcoming atmosphere.   Drive Traffic to Your Business: Each element on the flag caters to different customer needs. The car wash message attracts those seeking a wash, the sale promotion draws bargain hunters, the used tire indication appeals to those in need of replacements, and the welcoming message invites everyone in.   Promote Specific Services or Events: If…
  • 3x5 Military Flags

    3x5 Military Flags (8)

    A 3x5 Military flag is a powerful symbol representing valor, honor, and patriotism. Here's why it's a remarkable choice:   Patriotic Representation: Military flags symbolize patriotism, sacrifice, and the noble values upheld by armed forces. They serve as a tribute to service members, past and present.   Respect and Recognition: Displaying a Military flags honors veterans, active-duty service members, and their families. It's a way to show appreciation for their service, dedication, and sacrifices.   Support for Military Causes: These flags are used to raise awareness and support for military causes, fundraising events, or charities benefiting service members and veterans.   Memorial and Commemorative Events: They're essential for memorials, ceremonies, or commemorative events, serving as a poignant…
  • 3x5 State Flags

    3x5 State Flags (50)

    3x5ft flags available for all of the United States of America. Low-cost and easy to install indoors and outdoors. It comes with grommets that you can attach to various locations. Pole for 3’x5′ flag is 69″ tall with a diameter of 3/4″   3x5 flags representing all 50 states of the United States is a wonderful way to celebrate the nation's diversity and unity. Here's why it's a fantastic choice:   Complete State Representation: Each flag represents the unique history, culture, and individuality of its respective state. Collecting flags for all 50 states ensures a comprehensive representation of the entire nation's diversity.   Educational and Informative: Displaying these flags is not only a symbol of patriotism but…

3’x5′ Standard Flags

Perfect for indoor or outdoor use!

Pole for 3’x5′ flag is 69″ tall with a diameter of 3/4″

Stock and custom 3×5 flags parent category.   State, country, solid, checkered, and flags with slogans on them.  Our stock 3×5 flags are only $4.99.  These are great for indoor use or short term outdoor flag pole usage.    Our custom 3×5 flags are perfect for any indoor or outdoor events.  Use our online design tool and let your creativity run wild.  A custom flag is great to display a unique design for your business or brand.

The polyester material is light weight and durable, making these flags great for outdoor use under standard weather conditions.  We do advise to take them inside during severe weather or high winds, as it will begin wearing and tearing the flags down quicker.