Open & Sale Inflatable Tube Men for Outdoor Advertising

Every inflatable tube man is professionally designed to get your business noticed. Start creating impressions instantly and begin rolling in more traffic. With more foot traffic to your door, you will naturally get more sales. Don’t waste money on paying someone to wave an arrow or flag people in. Use these low-cost stock open & sale dancers to get it done by simply hitting the power switch.

Why an air-powered tube dancer?

Many key features make an inflatable tube men a better option than other outdoor signage. First, it is very easy to get installed — simply drag a power cord, your air blower, and your air puppet to the location of use. Attach the dancer to the base of the blower, plug in the power, and hit the power button. That is it! No tools, nails, or other things needed. Once you are done using it, simply roll it back in on the wheels that can be attached to the air blower.

Another key feature is the height and mobility of the sign. Unlike advertising vinyl banners, these tube dancers will not sit still. The air will flow throughout the body, which will make the arms, hair, and body move around. Because of this movement, more eyes will be attracted to it, which will in return bring more customers to your door.

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Inflatable Tube Man Alternatives

Is the tube man too tall, can’t pull a power cord outside, or not enough space? Use one of our many advertising flags instead. Our most popular include our custom feather flags, rectangle flags, teardrop flags, and standard custom flags. On a budget? Look through our stock feather flags with generic messages, images, or slogans. Our feather flag sale has a stock banner flag, flagpole, and a ground stake for only $49.