Choose from our huge inventory of solid color air powered tube dancers. Many solid colored designs to choose from and customize. We offer wholesale prices directly to the public. Don’t see a solid color you need? Purchase our low cost custom printed air tube dancer with your own colors, text, and graphics.

Solid colored inflatable tube men are very popular advertising items due to their goofy appearance and ease of install.  Simply attach the air puppet dancer to the motor and power it on.  Our brightly chosen colors are made to stand out from a huge crowd, therefore these inflated dancers are perfect for large outdoor festivals, such as food festivals, music festivals (Coachella, EDC, Winter Wonderland, Burning Man, and other large scale outdoor events).  If you are looking to get a crowd amped up and simply just look in your direction, try putting several of these at your next big outdoor festival.

Another awesome use of these waving puppets is by farmers.  Farmers use these air dancing men to keep birds away from their crops.  Since these inflatables are constantly moving, birds find it unsafe to come and peck away at crops or anything else around this inflatable tube man.  Please note that power is required to use the air blower, so be sure you have access to an extension cable or other power supplies.