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Inflatable Tube Man with Arrow – 18ft Air Powered Dancer with Blower

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Our 18ft inflatable tube man is made of a polyester mesh that holds up well to outdoor conditions. This tube man is completely customizable, you can change the color of the arms, body, arrow, and hair! You can add your logo, images, or text to really get your message across. This tube man even has an arrow attached to the body to really draw attention to your location. This tube man is great for outdoor events as its overall height is 20ft. This tube man can be used for parties, sporting events, festivals, or for businesses.

The tube man itself is 18ft tall and when placed on its blower, will stand at roughly 20ft.

The blower is 18 inches in diameter and can be plugged into any standard outlet. These blowers are not battery powered, so you will need the plug them in. These blowers are not all-weather and cannot get wet.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on custom items. Once you approve the design, it is final. We do not have a warranty on any of our products, but we do offer some free repairs if the damage isn’t too severe.

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