Custom Teardrop Feather Flags

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    Complete Teardrop Flag Kits

    • 10.5ft Teardrop Flag 14ft Kit
    • 6ft Teardrop Flag 8.5ft Kit
    • 8.5ft Teardrop Flag 10.5ft Kit

    Replacement Teardrop Flags

    • 6ft Replacement Teardrop Flag For 8.5ft Kit
    • 8.5ft Replacement Teardrop Flag For 10.5ft Kit
    • 10.5ft Replacement Teardrop Flag For 14ft Kit

    Custom Teardrop Flag Options

    Double Sided Teardrop Flag

    Front Side

    Back Side

    Single Sided Teardrop Flag

    Front Side

    Back Side

    single sided teardrop flag

    Teardrop Banner Flags Sizes

    Teardrop Banner Flags Pole Stand Options

    Ground Stake Used for grass or dirt locations.  Simply hammer the ground spike into the ground until it is steady.  Look out for any sprinkler pipes or anything else before hammering!  Make sure you push past the soft soil to prevent tipping of flag pole.

    Cross-Base – Required if you plan to use your teardrop flag on a solid surface, such as a sidewalk, parking lot, or asphalt.  The cross-base on its own weighs approximately 10lbs, therefore additional weighted support is a must to keep your teardrop banner kit stable.  Weight-donuts add 15lbs when filled with water.  You can also use sand-bags from a local hardware store.

    Flat-base – Our black solid Flat base weighs approximately 16lbs on its own.  This flagpole mount is very thin, allowing you to easily to hide it by pushing it under a table, drawer, or tent.  The stand sits flat on the floor for low visibility.

    Car Wheel Base – The wheel base allows for quick mounting of your flag to your car’s tire.  Most of our auto dealerships purchase these wheel base pole mounts to use their flags on their car lot.

    Single Sided vs Double Sided

    How To Set Up a Teardrop Flag

    Teardrop Flags Pole Stand Options

    These uniquely designed custom flags are a favorite of many of our clients. Teardrop banner flags can be used at trade-shows, indoor mall booths and stores, and at many special events — such as chili festivals, fairs, concerts, and other outdoor locations.

    If you are looking for teardrop banner flags that you plan to use indoors, then the teardrop flag style is recommended.  Due to the shape of this flag, it is fully open 100% of the time.  The teardrop shape of the banner also prevents it from fluttering or moving around, which essentially makes this a portable banner.

    People often think flag poles are long, bulky, and hard to work with.  That is simply not true. Our flag pole kits are lightweight and are easily telescoped together to make one large pole unit. When compared to our custom feather flags, our teardrop banners are lighter by about 2lbs.  The total weight of a teardrop flag kit is approximately 6.5lbs.  This weight includes 1 flag, a flag pole, and a ground stake.  You can also upgrade your order to include a travel bag which allows all of your components to neatly fit into a canvas bag.   This allows you to easily transport and install our teardrop banners at various events.

    Stand out from a large crowd outdoors with our 17 foot feather flag banner kit, or get your booth noticed at an indoor shopping mall with our 8 foot flutter flag kit.  Our custom flags are available in various sizes, allowing you to use them for all occasions.

    Are you looking to use these teardrop banner flags at an outdoor event or your business lot?  If so, your inventory of signs is not complete without one of our lovable custom air dancers.  We can customize an inflatable tube man with your own colors, logo(s), and graphics.  The combination of teardrop flag banners and air dancers will maximize your impressions by increasing the number of eyes that look your way.

    Put in a free design request and have a proof created before you spent a penny.  We are confident that you will like our designs.

    Flag Material: Polyester knitted fabric

    Thickness: 4 oz. in weight (110gm)

    Recommended Uses: Indoors or outdoors to display your products, services, promotions, business logos, advertisements, or sales.  Great for all sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade-shows, and etc.

    Weight:  Flag weights will vary from 5.5lb (8ft teardrop flag kit) to 10lbs per kit (14ft teardrop banner kit).

    Print Process: We use a proprietary high-density print process that allows us to directly print onto the material.  This allows for great bleed-through of colors from the front to the back of our custom flags.  Darker colors will have much better visibility on the back of your custom flag than lighter colors.

    Average Lifespan: With periodic use and proper care and storing, your custom flag should last 3+ years.  If used everyday outdoors, your lifespan will be approximately 1 year.  This “teardrop” or “paddle” shape of the flag picks up more wind than our standard feather flags.  Be sure to take indoors during high winds to prevent your poles from snapping.  For more durable outdoor flag banners, we recommend our custom feather flagsflag banners, or rectangle flags.  Their shapes allow for more wind resistance.

    Fading of Flags: Leaving your flag outdoors for long periods of time will cause quicken the fading process.  Flags used periodically will 4+ years, assuming proper care.  If used outdoors for 8+ hours a day, your flag will need to be replaced within 9 to 12 months.  States such as California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona, which experience high heat and dry weather, will cause your flags to fade quicker.

    Color Guarantee:  Colors vary often from your computer screen display (RGB colors) to actual flag prints (CMYK color mode). We cannot provide any color matching guarantees.  If you are particular about colors, swatches can be ordered for a small fee.  Using Pantone colors is highly advised when designing your custom teardrop banner flags.  Purples, blues, and reds tend to be very tricky colors and look very different from monitor to in-person.  No refunds or reprints will be provided for any color variation.

    Looking to have some fun or learn something new?  Let us teach you how to design a custom feather flag in adobe illustrator.  Designing a custom flag is very quick and easy with vector files.  Vector files in formats such as .ai, .eps, or .pdf are high recommended to get the best print quality possible.

    Watch the beginners video below to learn how to add simple text and color to your custom signs.  If you want to follow along with the video, download a Teardrop flag template and install adobe illustrator. You can get a trial version for free.  Remember, custom advertising flags should be simple, to the point, and have your logo somewhere on them.   Customers usually only have a few seconds to read the message on your flag – make them count.

    We are currently offering FREE shipping on all custom teardrop flag kit purchases.  Most of our custom signs are also marked off 30% or more.  Whether it’s for an outdoor flag to lead customers to your business, or simply to stand out at an event, our flags will make it happen.

    These flags are offered in double-sided and single-sided prints.  Double-sided flag banners allow for targeting traffic from both sides and are highly recommended.  View the image below to visualize how the flags look.

    On a budget?  We have a huge inventory of stock feather flag banners at the cheapest prices in the nation.  Browse through our huge inventory of stock flags that can be used by hundreds of businesses.  View our popular sale flags and open flags.  Stock flag banner designs are only $14.99 per replacement flag.  Complete kits are currently on sale for only $49.  We are the home of high quality and long-lasting cheap feather flags.