Custom Garden Flags

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    Custom garden flags are a great decoration piece for any home or business. A customizable allows you to show your holiday spirit, favorite team, seasons, or anything else that you want to display on your lawn. 

    These flags are an awesome way to spice up your front lawn since they don’t overpower other decorations. They blend in very well with most flowers and gardens and easily make a dull boring place beautiful and attractive.

    Our custom garden flags are popular with homeowners, realtors, and restaurants. Due to the ease of assembly and customizable flag design, many clients also purchase these as Christmas gifts for their friends and family.

    Print Quality & Finish

    Our custom garden flags are printed on superior finely meshed polyester material that allows them to be used outdoors during most weather conditions. They are also printed on a digital printer, which no design restrictions. Yes, this means you can use live images! Show off anything you like.

    Flags are available in single-sided and double-sided prints.  Single-sided garden flags will have a mirrored image of the graphics on the back. Double-sided flags will be made of two flags sewn back to back with a 100% block-out in the middle. 

    Sizes for Garden Flags

    Our custom garden flag signs are available in two sizes – 17’’ x 28’’ and 17’’ x 22’’. Choose the one that will fit your lawn the best. 

    The smaller size tends to be more popular with gardens or planters. The larger 28’’ size is often used by businesses or real estate agents on nearby sidewalks.

    Each custom print can be purchased with or without the stand.

    Production time

    Standard quantity orders (1 to 10pcs) will be ready to ship within 2 to 3 business days.  Depending on your location, UPS ground can take anywhere between 2 to 5 business days to deliver. 

    Rush services available and are subject to additional fees.

    Local pick-ups are welcomed from our Riverside, California location.

    Garden Flag Options

    Double Sided Garden Flag

    Front Side

    Back Side


    Single Sided Garden Flag

    Front Side

    Back Side


    Advertising Garden Flags

    Advertising flags are Everywhere! Kick your marketing efforts into to gear for special events, holidays and elections. Garden Flags are easy to mount, simple to maintain and and reuse for upcoming events.


    Custom Garden Flags Information

    Custom Garden Flags are perfect for special events and non-profit marketing campaigns. For Veterans, gardens flags can be used for “Welcome Home” signs or Fourth of July celebrations. To get your custom design complete our Design Request Form for FREE.

    Personalized Statements: The Significance of Custom Garden Flags

    Custom garden flags are more than decorative banners; they are personalized statements that transform outdoor spaces into reflections of individuality and style. These versatile flags, tailored to unique preferences, offer a canvas for creativity, adding vibrancy and character to gardens, porches, and outdoor settings.

    Design and Customization

    The beauty of custom garden flags lies in their customizable nature. From the choice of colors, patterns, to personalized messages or family names, these flags offer a wide range of design options. Whether it’s celebrating a special occasion, showcasing a family emblem, or displaying vibrant artwork, the design possibilities are endless. This flexibility allows individuals to craft flags that resonate with their tastes and preferences, ensuring a personalized touch in every flutter.

    Aesthetic Appeal and Personal Expressione

    Beyond their practicality, custom garden flags enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor areas. They act as eye-catching focal points, adding charm and personality to gardens or front yards. These flags serve as beacons of personal expression, allowing individuals to share their values, celebrations, or welcoming messages with neighbors and passersby.

    Versatility and Seasonal Themes

    Another advantage of custom garden flags is their versatility. They can be easily swapped out to suit different seasons, holidays, or occasions. From cheerful spring themes to patriotic displays or festive Christmas designs, these flags offer a quick and effortless way to update and refresh outdoor decor, reflecting the spirit of various festivities and times of the year.


    Custom garden flags are more than decorative accessories; they are symbols of personalization and individual expression. From design freedom to durability and versatility, these flags serve as dynamic tools to showcase creativity and style, adding a personal touch to outdoor spaces while inviting admiration and warmth from all who encounter them.