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Custom Feather Flag Options


Single Sided vs Double Sided

How to Set Up a Pre-Curved Pole Kit

Custom Feather Flags

 Custom feather flags are the perfect outdoor and indoor banners for drawing attention to your business, product, promotion, or location.  Our custom flags are made of 110gm polyester material, which is very durable and weather resistant – making it great for outdoor use.

Custom Feather Flags – 30% Off and Free Shipping

30%  off discount is already included in the flag’s price.

Free shipping is only available for orders over $100 using the coupon code (if the free shipping coupon is not used, you will not receive free shipping).

Custom feather flags and our other custom flags have great portability and versatility. Our flag pole kits are lightweight and are easily telescoped together to make one large pole unit.  This allows anyone to easily transport and install our feather flags at various events.  Multiple flag pole mounting options are available to get these flag kits installed to walls, fences, roofs, tents, poles, etc.

Stand out from a large crowd outdoors with our 17-foot feather flag banner kit, or get your booth noticed at an indoor shopping mall with our 8-foot flutter flag kit.  Our custom feather flags are available in various sizes, allowing you to use them for all occasions.

No package of advertising signs is complete without one of our awesome custom air dancers.  We can customize an inflatable tube man with your own colors, logo(s), and graphics.  The combination of feather flag banners and air dancers is known to get more attention to your business or location.  Put in a free design request and have a proof created before you buy.  We are confident that you will like our custom signage designs!

Flag Pole Stand Options

Ground Spike great for any grass or dirt locations.  Simply twist or hammer the ground spike into the ground until it is steady.  Look out for any sprinkler pipes or anything else before hammering!

Cross-Base – perfect for flat solid surface use.  The cross-base on its own weighs 10lbs, so additional weighted support will be needed to keep your feather flag kit stable.  Weight-donuts add 15lbs when filled with water.  You can also use sand-bags.

Heavy Duty Flat-base – Flat base weighs approximately 16lbs on its own.  It is a great flagpole mount to use when you are looking to hide the base under a table, drawer, or from the site.  The stand sits flat on the floor for low visibility.

Car Wheel Base – The wheelbase is great for new and used car dealers.  Most of our auto dealerships purchase wheelbases to use with their car flags.  Not only are they easy to install, but they can be moved from one vehicle to another with ease.

Order Custom Feather Flags Quickly Online

Our 3-step checkout process makes it extremely easy to purchase your custom feather flags.  Most companies throw only a design tool at you and leave you on your own to create your flag banner.  At Feather Flag Nation, we have experienced designers on standby to help you create a professional and effective design.  Simply click here to request a design proof – No purchase necessary.   See your custom feather flags design before you purchase.

Looking to have some fun?  Learn how to design a custom feather flag in adobe illustrator.  Designing a custom flag with your logo’s vector file is very easy.  A vector file allows us to resize your logo to as large as we like without destroying the image quality.  Used vector formats such as .ai, .eps, or .pdf are highly recommended to get the best print quality possible.

View the video below to learn how to add text and color to your custom design.  If you want to follow along with the video, be sure to download a feather flag template and install adobe illustrator.  Remember, custom feather flags should be simple, to the point, and have your logo at the top or bottom of the flag.   Customers usually only have a few seconds to read the message on your flag.

FREE shipping on all custom feather flag kit purchases.  Most of our custom signs are also marked off 20% or more.  Whether it’s for an outdoor flag to lead customers to your businesses and auto dealerships, or simply to stand out at a trade-show event, our high-quality polyester feather flags make it happen.

Our custom feather flags are offered in double-sided and single-sided prints.  Double-sided flag banners allow for targeting traffic from both sides and are highly recommended.

Custom Feather Flags Double-sided
The difference between single-sided and double-sided feather flags are shown in the image above. Double-sided flags are recommended due to both sides of the flag being readable.

On a budget?  We have a huge inventory of stock feather flag banners for you to choose from.  Browse through our 600+ stock flags — surely one of them can work for your business.  Our most popular is our sale flags and open flags.  Stock designs are only $14.99 per replacement flag.  Complete swooper flag kits are currently on sale for only $49.  If you are looking for cheap feather flags that are still high-quality products, then you are at the right place! IN STOCK FEATHER FLAGS | ONLY $14.99 – BEST SELLERS

About our Custom Feather Flags

Installation, Care, and Storage

Installation: A standard custom feather flag kit with no upgrades will usually come with a custom printed flag, pole kit, and a ground spike.  To install, simply hammer or twist the ground spike into the dirt.  Telescope the poles from the largest to the smallest piece to create one large pole piece.  Pole’s height will vary depending on your feather flag’s height.  Slide the flag onto the pole starting from the thinnest pole piece, which will be the top flexible or pre-curved tip.  If you purchased a tie-down clip, tie the flag to it.  Place the complete flagpole with the flag banner on it into the ground spike.  Be sure to look out for any power leans, trees, or other objects when you install the flag kit.

Care:  Our advertising flag kits are durable and made for outdoor use, but we highly recommend taking them inside during high winds or severe weather to protect your items from being damaged.  Your flag pole and banner will wear and tear quicker if you do not take them inside.

Storage: It is important to make sure you properly store your feather banners.  We recommend putting them in a safe box or bag, in a room temperature setting.  Storing flags in outdoor sheds, barns, garages, etc can cause damage to your prints due to high heat.

Washing & Cleaning: The flags can be put in a washer on a light cycle with cold water.  You can also hand wash with light soap.  Our feather flag banners cannot be put into the dryer.  They must be air-dried, which can be done by putting your flag back onto the pole.  The flag can also be hosed down with light pressure while it is mounted.

Feather Flag Specifications

Flag Material and Thickness: 110gm Polyester Fabric, also referred to as a 4oz poly knit mesh fabric.

Uses: Outdoors or indoors to display your products, promotions, business logos, advertisements, sales, sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade-shows, and etc.  They have both commercial and residential uses.

Weight:  Flag weights will vary from 5.5lb (8ft feather flag kit) to 12lbs per kit.  The (17ft feather flag kit).

Print Process: We use a commercial print process that allows us to directly print onto the material, which allows for a great bleed through.  Darker colors will have much better visibility on the back of your custom flag than lighter colors.

Average Lifespan: With periodic use and proper care and storing, your custom flag should last 3+ years.  If used everyday outdoors, your lifespan will be approximately 1 year.

Fading: Leaving your flag outdoors for long periods of time will cause fading to occur quicker.   Custom feather flags used for events a few times a month will last 5+ years easily, assuming proper care.  If used outdoors 24/7, your flag will need to be replaced within 9 to 12 months.  States such as California and Arizona, which experience high heat and dry weather, will cause your flags to fade quicker.

Color Guarantee:  Do to colors varying from what you see on your computer screen (RGB colors) to actual custom flag prints (CMYK color mode), we cannot provide any color matching guarantees.  If you are particular about colors, swatches can be ordered for a small fee of $9.50.  Using Pantone colors is highly advised when designing your custom feather flags.  Blues, reds, and purples tend to be very tricky colors and look very different from monitor to in-person.  No refunds or reprints will be provided for any color variation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are custom feather flags and blade flags the same?  What about custom flags and teardrop flags?  Which are better?

We get these three questions often and it is a great question!  The term “Feather Flag” is what we coined our advertising flags due to the shape.  Some placed will call them “feather banners,” “swooper flags,” or “flag banners.”  All of these names are interchangeable.

To distinguish between the different types of custom flags that we sell, we’ve named them after their shapes.  Our most popular custom flag banners include feather flags, rectangle flags, and teardrop flags.  They are all great advertising flags.  Each has its own unique look.  Which is best?  That is a personal preference.  All of our flags can be used indoors or outdoors, so go with the one that fits your design requirements the best.

What material is your feather flag made of?

We use a lightweight, yet durable, 4 oz. polyester for our custom flags.  Its weight is also sometimes referred to as 110gm.  This material has been tested for many years and has proven to be the best for outdoor use.  A slight breeze allows the flag to flutter around in the wind.

What is a swooper flag?

Swooper flag is simply another name for a feather flag banner.  Swooper flag typically refers to a flag that requires wind to stay open.  Since our feather flags require no wind to stay open, we’ve discontinued the use of “swooper flags.”  Also, we aren’t a big fan of the name either.  It doesn’t properly describe feather flags.  After all, the flags look like feathers, no “swoopers.”

What is the lifespan of your feather flag?

If you are properly caring for the flag and storing it away after use, the banner will easily last 3+ years.  Long term exposure to sun or other harsh elements will diminish the quality of the banner faster.  Therefore, if it is used outdoors all day and night, your lifespan will drastically drop down to 9 to 12 months.  Using the flag pole and flag in severe conditions will further reduce the lifespan.

What is a travel package?

Upgrading your kit to a travel package will ensure that all of your components will fit into a travel bag.  Lighter poles and mounting hardware options are usually added to your kit to make it easier to travel with.

What are the dimensions of the travel bag that comes with your feather flag kit?

Dimensions are approximately 50” x 4” x 3”.

Will exposure to the sun fade the flag?

Yes, as with almost all printed products, long term exposure to the sun will fade the banner over time.  This will require a prolonged period of direct sunlight, such as 8+ hours per day, every day.  In most cases, our advertising flags are used for special events or periodically, so fading isn’t an issue.

Will the wind blow my feather flag away?

Strong winds can cause the banner to be blown off the pole.  The shorter the height of the kit, the easier this can happen.  To prevent your flag from flying away, mount them vertically and use a flag tie-down clip.

Can my feather flag kit topple over?

With strong enough winds, a feather flag kit can topple over.  Always be sure your mount is secured properly.  Ground spikes should be deep enough into the ground to prevent them from falling over.  Cross-bases should have enough additional weighted support to prevent this.  You can use weight-donuts or sandbags.  The amount of additional weighted support needed will vary depending on your wind conditions.

Are your flag poles interchangeable between banner sizes?

Our flags have specific poles made for each height.  Therefore, the pole kits are not interchangeable.

Can I order a replacement pole set or additional hardware?

Yes, you can visit our flag pole hardware section to order replacement pieces.

How many colors can I use on my custom feather flag design?

Our custom feather flags are digitally printed, so there are no color restrictions.  No matter how many colors you choose, there will be no extra charge.  Design services are also provided for free.

Are your feather flags fire resistant?

No, keep flags away from contact with sparks or flames.  They can catch fire.  They are highly resistant to heat but can catch fire.

What is a single-sided feather flag mean?

Single-sided custom flag prints will have a bleed of your graphics to the back.  This means anything we print on the front of your feather flag will go through the polyester material to the back.  This causes a mirror image of your graphics on the back of the flag.  Darker colors will have better bleed through.

Can your custom flags be double-sided?

Yes, all of our custom flags can be purchased as double-sided prints.  For double-sided feather flags, we’ll print two flags and sew them back to back with a 100% block-out in the middle.

Can the front and back be different for double-sided flags?

Yes, both sides can be uniquely designed with their own colors and graphics.

How big is the ground stake? 

Our standard ground spikes are 30” tall.  You have approximately 20” tall spike to hammer into a dirt location.  Be sure you put the ground spike past the loose soil layer to prevent it from falling over.

What is a weight-donut? Can it be filled with sand?

Weight-donuts are water bags that can be inflated with water.  You get approximately 15lbs in support when it is filled.  Yes, weight-donuts can be filled with sand or water.  They are reusable.

Is a travel case included with my purchase of a custom feather flag?

The travel bag is optional and can be added to the product page.  Each carrying case will fit all your feather flag kit components neatly into compartments for easy transport.

What other banners or signs do you offer?

Our most popular other signs would be our custom vinyl banners, standard custom flags, air dancers, and retractable banners.  Give us a call if you need help with getting your advertising campaign planned.

We always advise pairing our custom feather flags with our inflatable tube men.  They work great together to get eyes to your business.