• Dunkin Donuts Open 24 Hours Inflatable Man | 18ft air powered tube dancer
  • Dunkin Donuts Drive Thru 18ft Inflatable Tube Man | air powered outdoor dancer

Franchise air powered tube dancers — a must have for any franchise that is just opening or simply looking to get their existing location noticed. We have produced custom tube dancers for a huge variety of franchises. A few include Dunkin Donuts, 7-Eleven, Baskin Robbins, KFC, Liberty Tax service, H&R Block, Valvoline oil change, and many more.

Franchise owners know the value of having an inflatable tube man at their locations.  These waving dancers effortlessly attract eyes to your business and keep them there.  Our custom inflatable tube men dancers allow you to print images of products, which allows you to display large images of food.  Live images have proven to increase your sales conversion percentages.

We offer discounts to corporations and franchises for bulk purchases.  Contact us today for a quote for your next large promotional campaign.  Not only can you get deeply discounted franchise air powered waving dancers, but you also qualify for large discounts on custom feather flags and banners.


An 18ft Tube Man for a Franchise is a phenomenal investment for several reasons:


Brand Visibility: It’s a fantastic tool for increasing brand visibility. Placing a Franchise-branded tube man outside your location instantly captures attention, attracting potential customers and passersby.


Consistent Branding: Maintaining consistency across Franchises is crucial. A Franchise-branded tube man ensures that your brand’s colors, logos, and messaging are consistently and prominently displayed, reinforcing brand recognition.


Localized Marketing: While maintaining brand consistency, the tube man allows for localized marketing efforts. You can customize the messaging or add elements specific to local promotions or events, catering to the community’s interests.


Cost-Effective Advertising: Compared to traditional advertising methods, an 18 ft Franchise-branded tube man is an affordable yet effective way to continuously market your franchise. It generates attention and foot traffic without recurring costs.


Customer Engagement: Tube men create a sense of fun and excitement. They engage customers, encouraging interaction, photos, and social media sharing, thus amplifying your franchise’s online presence.


Versatile Usage: Whether it’s a grand opening, special promotion, or daily advertising, the tube man is adaptable. It works well both indoors and outdoors, offering flexibility in promotional strategies.


Immediate Impact: Unlike many other marketing efforts that take time to yield results, a franchise-branded tube man starts attracting attention as soon as it’s set up. It’s an instant attention-grabber.


Competitive Advantage: Utilizing innovative and attention-grabbing advertising methods like an 18 ft tube man sets your Franchise apart from competitors. It shows creativity and a commitment to engaging marketing strategies.


Positive Brand Image: A Franchise-branded tube man creates a positive impression. It showcases your Franchise as vibrant, dynamic, and approachable, fostering a welcoming atmosphere for customers.


Return on Investment: The cost-effectiveness of a Franchise-branded tube man coupled with its ability to increase foot traffic and visibility translates into a strong return on investment over time.


In essence, an 18 ft Franchise-branded tube man is not just an attention-grabbing advertising tool; it’s a powerful asset that elevates your Franchise’s visibility, engages customers, and contributes to the overall success and growth of your business.