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Aluminum Pole Kit for Feather Flags

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Upgrade to Premium Pole kit?

For high winds or double-sided flags.

Add Tie-down Clip?

Only if mounting at an angle.

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Pick your pole’s mounting.

Travel Package?

Only if you plan to travel. Top pole piece will be changed to a fiber-glass flexible tip.
Large mounts will not fit into bag.


Aluminum Pole Kit for feather flags.

The Aluminum Pole Kit for Feather Flags is made of 100% pure aluminum and has no recycled aluminum unlike competitors. This pole set has three straight pole pieces with a top pre-curved pole to fit our flags. Because of the top pre-curved piece these poles will not fit into our travel bags. However, this set does not require the tie-down clip, but can be used as added security.
This pole set is a stronger pole set compared to the fiberglass poles and is more durable in windy weather.  This pole set can be used for our stock feather flags, and custom feather flags in either single or double-sided forms!


Our pole kits are durable and made for outdoor use, but we highly recommend taking them inside during high winds or severe weather to protect your poles from being damaged. The higher wind poles are rated 5 to 10 mph higher (30 to 35) vs the standard poles which are (20 to 25). We were told that our premium poles survived the recent hurricane in Florida. They can stay out during higher wind conditions but they will begin wearing down. Taking them inside during severe weather is highly recommended.

Switching out bases

All of our poles including this one can be used with our different bases. However, if you place an order at a different time please let our team know what was placed before so that we can send you any conversion pieces, if any.

Only need one part of the pole?

We may be able to help! Please send our sales team an email stating which piece, and for what size you need for further assistance. 



There is no industry standard for flags and poles. That means there is no guarantee that our poles will fit another company’s flags or vice versa. Our pole kit is about 1.15″ in diameter. The sleeves on our flags is about 2″ inches wide.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Ground stake allow for easy install by being able to hammer or twist it into a grass/dirt location. https://featherflagnation.com/product/ground-spike-for-feather-flag-kits/ Drill spikes will require you to create a hole for it to drop into. It is good for long term use and it also sits flush with the ground, if installed properly. It does require more work to install. https://featherflagnation.com/product/drill-spike-for-feather-flag-kits/
  2. A The poles would need to be telescoped for the thickest up to the thinnest piece, with the dimples or bushels on top when telescoping the poles. Dimples/Bushels will stop the poles at the correct location.
  3. A They are the same. The 8ft feather flag kits come with flexible pole tips only. They are not available in the full aluminum style.
  4. A You can choose the pole size from the drop down on this page. Kits will come with a few pieces that telescope together to make one large piece.