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SKU: NSH-722

Weight-donut for Cross-base and Flat-base

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Weight-donut will weight 30 to 35 lbs when filled with water.


Cross-Base Water Bag (weight-donut) is made to fit over our x-stands or flat bases. The bladder will not come pre-filled with water or sand. This Water bag will help keep your pole set with x-stand in place. Perfect for any outdoor shows or markets.  Simply fill this weight-donut and place it on top of the x-stand. Two of these can be stacked on top of each either for extra weighted support. We highly recommend using multiple donuts for areas with high winds or gusts.  This bag can be easily filled with water or sand.

This water bladder will weight 30 to 35lbs, depending on water level.  It is reusable and also can be filled with sand or water.

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  1. A Hole is approximately 3''. Total diameter is approximately 12''.