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Feather Flag Poles and Mounting hardware

Our hardware for feather flags is made of heavy-duty aluminum and metal components.  Strong welding for durability and great for long-term outdoor use.  Premium pole kits are advised for windy areas.  Hardware is available for the following items:  Feather Flags, Banner Flags, Rectangle Flags, Real Estate Flags, and Teardrop Flags.

Please be aware that our hardware may not work with flags that have been purchased from other locations.  Contact us if you have any questions.

Basics of flag poles and mounting hardware

There are many options when it comes to installing your banner flag pole kit.  We’ll go over the more popular mounts.

Ground Spikes

Ground spike, also sometimes called a ground stake, is required for a grass or dirt setup.  You can use a hammer to hammer it into a rough dirt area or twist it in with your hand.  The spike of the stake has to go in deep enough for it to be stable.  If the mount is not stable, your flagpole will also be unstable.  Usually, tools are not necessary to set up a banner flagpole kit with a ground stake.

Cross Bases

Cross-base (x-stand) is needed to use on a flat solid surface location.  The surface cannot be on a hill, uneven, or a soft soil location.  The cross-base weighs roughly 10 pounds. This is the most popular mount for using your flag kits indoors our on your sidewalk.

Weight-donuts or sandbags are highly recommended when using the cross-base.  When filled with water, our weight donuts will weight anywhere between 30 to 35lbs. Keep away from sharp options that can puncture the donut.  It can be filled with water or sand.  Empty out with you are done using it.

Car Wheel Bases

Auto Dealerships should generally go with the wheelbase for their mounting option.  The advertising flag can easily be attached to a car’s wheel to use outdoors or indoors.  It is usually more stable than using cross-bases.  We also sell collapsible wheelbases that to fit into your travel bags.  A great product for anyone traveling to different car shows or events.  Check out our auto dealer supplies for other outdoor advertising signs.


Please take your banner flags and pole kits inside during high winds or severe weather conditions.  Bad weather will wear and tear your kits and flags sooner than normal.  Our poles have lasted through hurricanes but why risk it?  Save yourself some money and bring them inside.  The flag poles can be easily pulled out of the mounts with the flag still on it.  Simply pull out the kit and walk it inside.

Contact us for more info about ordering custom feather flags, tube man dancers, windshield banners, and pole signs to decorate your auto dealership car lot for your next big sale.  We offer discounts to corporate customers!  Let us help you break your sales record this year!