Auto Dealer Supplies by Categories
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Feather Flags


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Window Clip-on Flags

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Air Inflated Dancers

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Windshield Banners

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Jumbo Car Bows

Jumbo Holiday Magnetic Bows

Avenue Pole Banners

Custom avenue banners for auto dealership

Stock Feather Flags Contact us for more info about ordering customized feather flags, air dancers, windshield banners, and pole signs to decorate your auto dealership car lot for your next big sale.  We offer discounts to corporate customers!  Let us help you break your sales record this year!  Auto dealer supplies are a must to create clean visual noise to attract more potential buyers to your lot.

There are many benefits of investing in custom-made auto dealer supplies that promote your dealership, including custom flags. Visual advertisements draw eyes toward them, especially moving advertisements like feather flags and air dancers. Bright colors make your dealership look especially attractive. If you have neighboring dealerships or are situated next to a busy highway, it can be tough to stand out. How do you make your lot look like a great place to shop for cars rather than a giant parking lot? Roadside advertising banners and moving flags make you stand out in a busy atmosphere. Signs and lights can only do so much. You need to add color to the atmosphere to make your dealership look appealing to the public. This will lead to more customer traffic, which means higher sales numbers for you! If you customize flags for business advertising, you can make eye-popping ads.


We can help you develop a custom flag design that is perfect for your dealership. Do you want to promote specific makes and models of vehicles? Do you want to promote the name or slogan of your business? Better yet, would you like to alert the public that you have cars on sale? Customize flags for business advertising today. We can help you formulate the perfect design.

Why should you invest into auto dealer flags and banners?

New and used auto dealerships with no flags or banners on their car lot create a very empty appearance, which creates the impression to anyone passing by of your business being dead. This will make potential buyers move past your location to a neighboring dealer that looks a live with proper car lot advertising banners.

When you drive past other successful dealers, there is one thing you will find in common between them all — they have their car lot decorated with feather flags, pole banners, balloons, inflatable man air dancers, and a variety of other decoration and advertising items that make there auto dealership look alive.

To be successful, it is important to create the illusion of a busy dealership, even if there is nothing going on.  When people see the flags fluttering around and the air dancers waving their body and arms in different directions, they assume there are a lot of people at your lot and some type of special event or sale is going on.  This encourages them to come visit your auto dealership to see what is going on.

If you own an auto dealership, there are two outdoor advertising signs that are a must:  stock & custom feather flags and avenue pole banners.  These two types of signage will instantly bring your car lot to life.