Open Feather Flags

Due to the ever-changing economy, businesses are opening and closing every day.  If you are a new business owner and are looking to increase sales, then our open, now open, and grand opening feather flags will get the job done.  Our banner flags have been proven to increase sales.  Most customers make their money back within days, if not hours.  Our low cost and high-quality open feather flags are used by tens of thousands of customers monthly.

Our stock feather flag kit is currently only $49!  Check our specials page to get this offer.  The special includes 1 stock swooper flag of your choice, 1 pole kit, and 1 ground spike.  The best thing of all — when you are done using the grand opening or open flags, you can easily replace them with our “Sale” feather flags.  Our replacement feather flag price is only $14.99.  That’s right, $14.99 easily gets you another 9 to 12 months of advertising.  Flags left outdoors during severe weather conditions will wear and tear much faster.  We offer custom feather flags and banner flags for businesses that are trying to promote their own brand.