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Muebleria Feather Flag Red

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12ft Flag Single Sided

$14.99 is for the flags only, Add poles and base from the options below.

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Flexible Pole Kit and Tie-Down Clip +
Pre-Curved Pole Kit +
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Curved or Flexible Poles? Both will function the same. The only difference is the flexible poles fit in our travel bag while the curved poles do not.

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Muebleria feather flagMuebleria feather flag this feather flag is perfect for any furniture store or shop. With a bright yellow background and solid red text with star’s our Muebleria flag is hard to miss. All feather flags are approximately 12ft tall flags have a 100% bleed threw. Esta bandera se verá muy bien en frente de su negocio.

Enhance Your Furniture Store with a Red Muebleria Feather Flag: A Bold Marketing Statement

In the competitive world of furniture retail, making your store stand out and capturing the attention of potential customers is essential. Enter the Red Muebleria Feather Flag – a dynamic advertising tool that can significantly impact your muebleria’s visibility and draw in a crowd. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the significance of using a red feather flag to elevate your furniture store’s presence and create a lasting impression.

The Power of Visual Marketing

Visual marketing is a potent tool in the world of retail. In a market where choices abound, creating a memorable and distinctive brand image is paramount. A red feather flag can serve as the perfect vehicle to make your muebleria unmissable. Here’s why it matters:

1. High Visibility: Feather flags are designed to soar high above the ground, ensuring they’re easily visible from a distance. Placing a red Muebleria feather flag near your store’s entrance or along a bustling street can attract the attention of passersby.

2. Customization: Feather flags offer a canvas for personalization. You can incorporate your muebleria’s logo, contact information, and any ongoing promotions or special offers. This customization reinforces your brand identity and delivers a tailored message to your audience.

3. Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to traditional advertising methods like billboards or permanent signage, feather flags provide a cost-effective solution. They offer excellent value for businesses of all sizes, especially local mueblerias.

4. Versatility: Feather flags are easy to set up and relocate. This adaptability allows you to target different areas or events where your potential customers congregate. It’s an excellent way to stay dynamic in your marketing approach.

Designing Your Red Muebleria Feather Flag

While the benefits of a red Muebleria feather flag are clear, the design plays a pivotal role in its effectiveness. Here are some design tips to consider:

1. Vibrant Imagery: Red is a bold and attention-grabbing color. Use high-resolution images of your best-selling furniture pieces to ensure a sharp and professional appearance. Showcase the details and quality that make your muebleria stand out.

2. Legible Text: Ensure any text or promotional messages on the flag are highly readable from a distance. Utilize bold fonts and contrasting colors to maximize visibility.

3. Branding Elements: Incorporate your muebleria’s branding elements, such as colors, slogans, and fonts. Consistency across all marketing materials reinforces your store’s identity.

4. Promotions: If your muebleria is running special promotions, exclusive offers, or incentives, prominently feature them on the flag. Highlighting these benefits can attract potential buyers looking for a deal.

5. Durability: Make sure the flag is constructed from durable materials capable of withstanding outdoor conditions. A well-constructed flag will maintain its visual appeal over time.


A red Muebleria Feather Flag is a versatile and effective marketing tool for your furniture store. It serves as a cost-effective, eye-catching, and customizable means to enhance your store’s visibility and attract more customers. Whether you’re showcasing new furniture collections, announcing limited-time discounts, or merely reminding passersby of your presence, a well-designed red feather flag can make a significant impact.

In the competitive furniture retail industry, making your muebleria stand out is essential. A red Muebleria feather flag serves as a beacon, guiding potential customers to explore your offerings. Elevate your store’s presence with this powerful visual marketing tool, and watch as it draws more customers through your doors.

Investing in a red Muebleria feather flag is not just an investment in your store’s visibility but also in your brand’s long-term success. It’s a simple yet impactful way to communicate your muebleria’s identity and offerings, all while creating a memorable impression in the minds of your customers.

So, why wait? Elevate your muebleria’s presence with a red feather flag and experience the difference it can make for your furniture store.

For setup Please Follow us on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJaQqPEGEdw

Personalize this flag to fit your business needs, The design is completely FREE! Fill out the following design request form to get your proof. We normally reply within 30 minutes.

Add your logo(s) to this stock feather flag design or change the color/text.

Semi-Custom Feather Flags Kits (modified stock flag designs) Start at ONLY $99.99

What can you change on a semi-custom Feather Flag?

Overall design to remain the same.  You can change the text or colors on the design.  Alternatively, you can keep the design the same and add your logo and/or image.  

Can I change the text, colors, and also add a logo/image?

Changing the text, colors, and adding your own logo will require a custom flag purchase.  To qualify as a semi-custom feather flag, the overall design is to remain the same.  Semi-custom flag changes are limited to just adding your logo/graphic or changing the text and colors. 

  • Drop files here or
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    Quick Note: In some cases, we might be missing some of the original art files, If that’s the case your custom design will end up looking a little bit different from the original art file.

    A semi-custom flag is a stock flag that is custom printed with a change of color or text. If you need a fully customized flag with your own layout, then you can purchase it from the following link



    Our flags are about 12 feet tall.

    Our flags are about 2.5 feet wide.

    Our stock flags are single-sided. However, the back is not blank. It is just the reverse of the front, which can still be seen. We also offer custom double-sided flags.

    Our flags are a polyester blend.

    Flag lifespan can vary greatly depending on various factors. Out here in California the flags fade faster. Because of this we say that flags typically last 6-12 months.


    Our flags are always shorter than the hardware used. For a 12 foot flag we use 15 foot poles.

    The main difference is the top pole piece in each one. The flexible poles’ top pole piece is a thin rod that bends to the shape of the flag. The pre-curved poles’ top pole piece is already bent to the shape of the flag and is made entirely of aluminum. Both pole sets do the exact same thing.

    Yes we do! We offer premium poles for windy areas in both options. These poles are meant for 20-30 mph winds. However, be sure to monitor the weather. Gusts, winds, and storms change rapidly. While our poles change to the direction of the wind to prevent stress. Too much stress will snap the poles.

    A tie-down clip is a little clip that works on the bottom pole. It just holds a string that our flags have to secure it. While you do not need it for the pre-curved poles, it is required for the flexible poles. This is to help the top pole piece retain its shape.

    The ground spike is the most common base type we sell. This base is the one that you push into dirt. If you don’t have dirt to put your flag in, you can get a cross base. This base can be used on any flat surface indoors or outdoors. We recommend adding the weight donut to this as well.

    A weight donut is used to weigh down a base like a cross or flat base. This can be filled with water or sand.


    We ship from Riverside, California.

    Depending on the size of the order we ship with USPS and UPS.

    If you order before 10am PST on a business day it will most likely ship out that same day. If not it will ship out on the following business day.

    This really varies by state. For the most part it is 3-5 business days.

    Yes we do! However, it is not our site. For that you will need to email us with your billing, shipping, and order information. We will then send you an invoice with the quote information.

    We send tracking numbers 24 hours after the products ship. Usually this goes to your spam or junk box.


    Yes, however there are a few terms. If you want to return an item it needs to be within 15 business days of receiving. You will need to email our sales team at sales@featherflagnation.com to get an RMA form. Once we receive and inspect the condition of the product there is a restocking fee. Depending on the condition or if the packaging is open the restocking fee is at least 10%. You are also responsible for the shipping costs.

    Once you get your items make sure you open it as soon as possible. You only have 5 business days from when you received the items to let us know if something is wrong. If there is something wrong please send our sales team an email at sales@featherflagnation.com with a photo and your order number.

    While we offer a variety of flags we understand sometimes we do not have it or you need a logo on there. For that we do offer custom flags!

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