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The Lucrative Role of Custom Flags in Event Signage

Custom Flags

Whether you are in the process of planning your event’s signage, or you are going to an event and want to bring some signs of your own, a custom flag is a fantastic option. You can make them specific for each event, and you can stand out with unique designs directed by you. Here are a few reasons why custom flags boost your signage strategy, and how to incorporate them in the best way possible.

Common Themes:

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Wondering what logos and colors are most prominent? When attending an event, opt for colors that contrast with the existing branding to ensure you grab attention. At Feather Flag Nation, you’re in control. We don’t charge based on colors or images. Your cost is determined by the size of the product and accompanying accessories. Feel free to choose any colors or graphics you desire, and our designers will guide you on seamlessly incorporating them into the design. Stand out effortlessly with FFN’s customizable and cost-effective solutions!

Size and Material:

Colors are going to look different from 1 material to another, so in some cases, it’s best to be consistent in the type that you use. For our custom standard flags, which is the rectangular landscape flag used by most countries, we offer 2 different materials. The economy print and the premium print. Both can be made in 4 different sizes, 2×3, 3×5, 4×6, and 5×8. Here is a list of the differences between the materials (Note: the premium material is the same used on flags other than the standard flags, such as feather flags, rectangle flags, etc.)

Economy Print:

  • Smooth and soft
  • More affordable
  • Shows more detail in the design
  • Less durable
  • Cannot be put on polls over 10ft tall 
  • Cannot be put on moving vehicles  

Premium Print:

  • Textured and weather resistant  
  • More affordable
  • Contains an extra liner in the middle
  • More durable
  • Can be put of polls over 10ft tall 
  • Can be put on moving vehicles

Premium flags are used most commonly in a professional setting, and economy flags are used more in recreational settings. So the type of event it is may affect which material is best; if it is more business oriented like a trade show, a premium flag may be best, but if it is a holiday celebration then an economy print may work more.

 Another material we have are vinyl banners, which can be ordered at any size between 2×2 and 10×10, or as a retractable banners. As well as avenue banners which can be hung on street lamps and poles (hardware sold separately, you can find the mounting kit in the Hardware section of our website or you could go there directly with this link)

For a more in-depth discussion on polyester blend flags vs vinyl banners, you can see our blog here. In short, vinyl banners require very little to no hardware to use them. For example, the retractable banner is both hardware and banner all in one. The vinyl material rivals the premium print in terms of quality and durability, so if you value ease of setup and transportation then the vinyl banner may work out better.

Diverse Shapes:

Feather flag mock ups

Shape language is very important to get across the themes of something to an audience. As such, FFN has plenty of flag shapes to best give life to your advertisement style. The most popular option is the feather flag, its curved corner and sharp edges make it the perfect combination of inviting and dynamic. You can get 2 single-sided feather flags with 1 of them at 50% off using the limited-time BOGO deal! You can access it on the front page of our website or through this hyperlink.


If feather flags aren’t for you, some of our other flag shapes include teardrops, flutter flags, and sports flags which are much more curved. While our shark fin flags and rectangle flags are much sharper. These shapes can add a lot of variety but can be difficult to design for. Most notably teardrop flags, so here is a recent blog all about designing teardrop flags. Even if the subject is about teardrops, it can be applied to any of our non-standard flag shapes.

By using the right size, shape, and material, you can add a whole new dimension to your event’s signage strategy. You can explore all of our options on our website If you are ready to place an order click on the following link.

You can also email us at, or call us at (877)-900-5692.

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