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Custom Air Inflated Tube Dancers Also Known As Air Dancers, Fly Guys, And Sky Dancers For Small Businesses And Events


  • Air Dancer Custom - Create your own customized Inflatable Tube Man

    Inflatable Tube Man Custom 20ft Full Color with Blower

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  • Custom Air Dancer with Arrow - Proudly made in the USA

    Inflatable Tube Man with Arrow | 20ft Custom Wind Dancer

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How to set up an inflatable air tube dancer

Setting up an air tube dancer outside your business is very easy. A extension cord will be needed if you are not near an outlet. Simply place the air tube dancer blower at your location of use – with our without wheels. Attach the inflatable tube men to the blower’s velcro attachment. Plug in the power and hit the power button. Be sure to keep it away from loose debris and water. Do not use these sky dancers in the rain.

  • Air dancer blower fan for inflatable tube man

    Blower for Inflatable Tube Man

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Our air tube dancer blower comes with an 18” diameter and velcro attachment around the outside circumference. It works with sky dancers that have an 18” body diameter and an 18′ height. It’ll come with two power options to keep your tube man flying. On windier days, option 2 will allow more power to prevent the puppet from moving too much towards the wind direction. If the winds do get strong, the air tube dancer will tilt towards the wind direction. Option 1 is best for all regular use.

Why Your Business Needs a Custom air inflated dancers

Remember, according to the National Association of Advertisers, on premises signage costs much less per impression and it typically increases foot traffic between 20-50%, compared to 2% for radio advertising, 5% for television, and 8% for newspaper advertising. Custom air inflated dancers create instant impressions with very little effort, which makes them high on everyone’s list of signs to buy.

You don’t have to hammer nails or install rope to hang these fly guys like vinyl banners. It doesn’t consist of multiple pole pieces, mounting hardware, or other components. Custom inflatable tube man only needs itself, an air blower, and some power. The wheels at the bottom of the air blower allow for easy portability to and from your location of use.

How to Maximize Foot Traffic

Okay, so you have an air tube dancer on your signage check list. Now you are asking yourself, “What else do I need?” To maximize your impressions, it is important to pair your air tube dancer with some of our advertising flags and vinyl banners. Our most popular banner flags include our custom feather flags, teardrop flags, and rectangle flags. For smaller indoor signage, our standard custom flags are very popular.

On a budget? Cheap out our stock feather flags. Our home page currently has a weekly special which allows you to purchase cheap feather flags for only $14.99 per flag or $49 for a complete kit. Make use of our open flags or sale flags to attract more customers to your business.

Give us a call if you have any questions or need help creating the perfect advertising package for your event or business. Custom air inflated dancers are great on their own but complimenting them with other flags and banners will give you a bigger edge.

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