Step and Repeat Banners

We are the one-stop shop and manufacturer of high-quality, affordable, fantastic, custom step and repeat banners. Let’s share some insights about these all-important banners and what exactly we have to offer.

What is a step & repeat banner?

This is the backdrop or wall display that has logos of the company, sponsor, sports team or any other entity that intends to use the banner in its events. You commonly see the step and repeat banners behind celebrities and famous individuals in photos at red carpet events.

However, the use of these banners is not limited to celebrities. A step and repeat banner provides rare opportunities for everyone to share the feel and mood of the event by standing on the red carpet and take photos.

Why should you invest in a step and repeat banner?

The answer to this is varied. It actually depends on who you are. Businesses cherish these Backdrop Banners for their functional utility. They are powerful marketing tools during events and ceremonies. No one can argue with the fact that these backdrops present a valuable opportunity to enhance the brand’s presence during a company’s special events. Colorful and well-made banners enhance the mood of the event and give people the feel and ambiance of the company.

Sponsors love these custom backdrop banners because they give them free publicity from all the people taking photos with their logos right behind them. Kids cherish them because they are perfect mediums where you can put their favorite cartoon and animation characters on them. Virtually everyone has something to love and value about step & repeat banners.

In what kind of events can you use our custom made backdrops?

The use of our custom backdrops is not limited to any kinds of events or occasions. Whether it’s that occasional star-studded event or the launch of a new product or service we have the expertise and experience to design and produce any banner to your exact specifications.

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Our proficiency in coming up with the best backdrops is not limited to high-profile events. Even a smaller occasion or party will get that aura of glamour from our uniquely designed backdrops.

To get what you exactly need just discuss the details of your dream backdrop with our technical team and there your dream becomes a reality. We will exceed your expectations and make your event a resounding success.

In a nutshell, we are skilled at designing and producing high-quality step and repeat banners for every imaginable occasion. These include the following:

·Red carpet events

·Trade shows

·Conferences and Workshops





·Fitness Competitions

·Nightclubs and anything else you can think of.

Things to consider when ordering for a step and repeat banner

When we put roll up our sleeves and get to work we ensure you get the best banner that money can buy. We know what to look for in a good Backdrop Banners. So as you place your order consider the following aspects carefully. This helps us get a clear picture of the product we are going to design, make and ship to you.


This is a primary consideration. We sell a wide range of step and repeat banners sizes. As you place your order with us remember the size of the banner you want depends on the size of the frame, which in turn depends on where and why you want to use it. Wider banners are ideal for large spaces with huge audiences. If you are a large company holding your events in equally large spaces then a wider banner is most ideal. This will allow groups of people to be photographed together and also offer a striking “wow” factor at your event. Plus they reduce the chances of seeing the edges of the banner in images.

Smaller step and repeat banners are ideal for smaller spaces. Of course, they are more portable and affordable than their wider counterparts. This distinction does not mean the two categories are mutually exclusive. You can still have a blend of both depending on the occasion. To guide you as you select the right size is a summary of our backdrop banner the sizes.

We have the following different custom sizes.











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Your logo should be small enough to comfortably fit in the frame irrespective of the height or number of people being photographed.

It is vital that you get a clear picture of what to expect when you place your order with us. Here are the details:



Production time

We work expeditiously to take care of your banner needs. We never keep our clients waiting for an eternity to have their products ready for shipment. This is why we commit to a production time of 3 business days.

Free design services

Once you approve the design our expert designers get down to the job immediately. You get a proof in 30 minutes or less during business hours for you to see and make recommendations if any. What do we charge for this? Nothing, our design services are absolutely free.

Unlimited colors

We are aware that our customers operate in different environments and have different ideas they want to convey to our custom step and repeat banners. It is these ideas and environments that dictate your choice of color. Our customer focus policy ensures we respect your choice of color that is why we have NO COLOR RESTRICTIONS.

Free shipping on orders over $100

For any orders over $100, we offer free shipping to your location. For any orders below that cost, the cost of shipping is determined through the size of the consignment. Although the cost is still quite affordable.

Make your event colorful and send the right message to your audience with colorful and high-quality red carpet step and repeat banners. For all your step and repeat banner requirements contact us. Our friendly staff is ready and willing to give you all the help and information you need. We are your choice for the best custom banners for your events.