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Fiber Glass Tip Pole Kit for Teardrop Flags

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Teardrop Flag Pole Kit

Our teardrop flags only use fiberglass tip pole sets, however, these are a little different. This pole set will contain 5 pole pieces, 4 straight, and 1 flexible piece. Because of the flexible piece purchasing a tie-down clip is highly recommended. The tie-down clip holds a string that is on the bottom of the flag. This will help the flag keep its shape. We offer both standard and premium pole options for these poles. Premium poles are coated with a stronger finishing to withstand stronger winds. Standard poles are for winds 10-20 mph. While Premium is up to 30mph. However, please keep in mind that severe weather will damage the flag and poles. So it is advised to keep a close eye on conditions and bring in the items as needed.

The pole pieces may all come in chrome color, unlike shown in the image.

When purchasing this item, you will be asked to choose your flag size, please be sure to select the correct size.  Pole kits must always be larger than the height of the flag.

Be advised that there is no industry standard for flags and poles. That being said our poles may or may not fit another company’s flag and vice versa.

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A you can buy the poles for the 5ft flag from the following link https://featherflagnation.com/product/3pc-pole-kit-for-6ft-and-8ft-flag-kits/