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Small Teal feather flag

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Flag Only 6ft - No Hardware +
Complete Kit - Flag 6ft, Pole Kit, Tie-Down, Ground Spike & Travel Bag +
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Small Teal feather flag

The small Teal feather flag is half the size of our standard making it ideal for businesses or organizations that have space or height limitations. A solid colored flag can be used to display company and brand colors outside. Great for outdoor advertising. In severe weather the flag should be kept indoors.

How to set up a small feather flag (6ft)

What size are the small feather flagsBack to product
asked by Anonymous on 2017-03-28 18:59:08
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  1. Flags are approximately 2ft x 6ft. 8ft tall with the pole kit.
    Sam FFN answered on 2017-04-04 16:59:44