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Small Ground Spike for 6ft & 8ft Flag Kits

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This Ground Spike fits small flag kits

  • 5Ft Flag – 6Ft Pole Kit
  • 6Ft Flag – 8Ft Pole Kit

If you need a ground spike for a large flag (8ft Flag & up) you need the large ground spike, Click here to buy the large ground spike

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This is our smaller ground spike.  It is typically used with our 6ft real estate flags or our travel packages.  If you are purchasing a replacement ground spike, please be sure this spike matches the one that you previously had.

If your image does not match, you may have the larger spike, which can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.  Toll free number is  877-900-5692.

How To Set Up A Small 6ft Feather Flag

What keeps the flag sign from being blown off the standBack to product
asked by Anonymous on 2022-07-26 07:27:18
1 answers shown
  1. The pole sleeve is closed at the top, so the flag is not able to be blown off of the pole-kit.
    Jessica N. answered on 2023-03-15 13:42:08