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Now Leasing (Yellow) Inflatable Tube Man | 18ft Air Powered Outdoor Dancer Guy

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18′ air powered dancer body only will be sent, unless upgrades are selected.  Front and back of the puppet will have the same design.

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Body Only - No Air Blower +
Tube Man with Air Blower +
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Now Leasing Inflatable Tube Man Dancer

Browse our stock real estate market feather flags to pair with this dancing man.  Get the most from your open house by using feather flags and tube dancers around your property.  These outdoor signs create instant impressions which locks eyes to your location.

Air blower fan is not included with your purchase.

Now Leasing Inflatable Tube Man includes:

  • Yellow and black sky dancer puppet
  • “Now Leasing” text printed in black on the yellow body portion of the dancer.
  • Front and back of the inflatable man will be the same.
  • Main colors:  yellow and black

Air puppet specification:

  • 18′ yellow body, yellow arms, and hair
  • Printed on our durable poly flexible material
  • Made for 1HP air tube dancer blower.
  • This inflatable man or its blower is NOT intended for use in rain.

Sample live image of tube dancer. Red Grand Opening air tube dancer Inflatable Tube Man

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A The blower and the tube man have the same diameter as they are meant to fit onto each other. The 18ft tube man is 18 inches in diameter, the 10ft tubeman is 12 inches in diameter, and lastly the 6ft tubeman is 9 inches in diameter.