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Mexican Inflatable Tube Man | 20ft air powered dancer puppet guy

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Mexican Flag Air Inflatable Tube Man

This tube man has the Mexican country flag fitted to the puppet’s body.  A must have for all car dealerships and other businesses. This puppet will have the top third of it red, the middle white with the graphics of the eagle and snack taken from the Mexican flag, and the bottom third will be green.

Air blower fan is not included with your purchase.  Be sure to add it from the drop down menu, if you need one.

Pair this awesome inflatable tube man with our many stock feather flags.

Mexican dancer tube man includes:

  • 1 – sky dancer with the Mexican flag fitted to it
  • Colors:  Red, white, and green
  • Smiley face on the front and back of body

Puppet specification:

  • Dancer will be split into three parts:  red, white, and green.
  • The middle white portion will have the eagle and snake crest taken from the Mexican flag
  • Arms will be red with no text
  • Printed on our high quality and durable fabric.
  • Made for 1HP blower that has an 18” diameter (using our motor is highly advised)
  • NOT intended for use in rain.  Keep all electronic components away from water.
  • If using under extreme heat, the motor can overheat.  If it does, please let us rest and resume use after 30 minutes.

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