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Custom Standard Flag 3×5

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Looking for high quality flags at the lowest price online? Feather Flag Nation has you covered!  Looking for custom flags to use on a large flagpole or at locations with high winds? You can purchase our layered finish custom flags here.

Order Custom Polyester Flags Here

Custom flags printed using an advanced printing process (we print directly into the fabric to increase the lifespan of your flag) 115gms knitted polyester material. Flag pole and mount available for purchase from the options below.
Production time: 3 business days.

Single Sided 3x5 Flag +

Back side is a reflection of the front with transparency

Double Sided 3x5 Flag +

Both sides reads correctly without transparency

Grommets +

2 Grommets

Sleeve +
Both Sleeve & Grommets +

2 sleeves are added to the flag

(pole kit)
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Our standard 3ft x 5ft flag is made from polyester and available as single or double-sided design. These flags are of great quality and can be used indoors or outdoors. The flag is completely customizable; you can choose virtually any color, logo, or image you would like. These flags work great for events, festivals, schools, personal use, or businesses!

This flag is made from polyester and comes single or double-sided. Double-sided flags are two flags sewn together with a mesh in the middle. This mesh makes it so the design won’t show through to the other side.

This flag can have grommets, a pole sleeve, or both added for easy hanging. You can also choose to do neither and the flag will be hemmed all the way around.

We do not offer exchanges or refunds on custom items. Once you approve the design, it is final. We do not have a warranty on any of our products, but we do offer some free repairs if the damage isn’t too severe

Pole for 3’x5′ flag is 69″ tall with a diameter of 3/4″



Our custom standard flags can be made single or double sided!

Our custom flags and flag banners are made of 110gm polyester material, which would be 4oz.  This is ideal and the best-tested weight for durability and print quality.

We provide two material options for our custom standard flags: Economy and Premium.

The Economy flags boast a softer feel and lack a middle liner, making them ideal for indoor use or lighter applications. We recommend these flags for poles under 10 feet in height.

On the other hand, our Premium material is heavier and features a vinyl mesh in the middle. These flags are designed for outdoor use, suitable for conditions such as driving at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, and are best suited for poles over 10 feet tall.

The Economy double-sided flag weighs approximately 1-1.5 lbs, making it easy to fly. However, as previously mentioned, this softer material lacks a liner, making it prone to fraying if used on vehicles or excessively tall poles.

On the other hand, Premium double-sided flags weigh around 2.5 lbs, or slightly more for the larger sizes. These flags are equipped with a central liner, requiring stronger winds for proper flying.

Yes it is! Just fill our a free design request or email us at sales@featherflagnation.com

We send proofs and make changes as requested, at no charge. We also require email approval before putting the order into production. 

Of course, just make sure you use our templates. However, do not alter these. 

The possibilities are nearly boundless! Choose your preferred colors, fonts, and assets to personalize your design. You’re welcome to incorporate your own logos and even photos! For images, we recommend using high-resolution files. If you’re uncertain, feel free to share what you have, and our designers will gladly assist you in creating the perfect design.

We don’t calculate costs based on individual words, letters, or colors. Our pricing is determined by the specific item you select. For instance, a 2×3 flag will have a different price than a 3×5. Modifying or adjusting design elements does not impact the overall price.

We currently do not offer hand-stitched or embroidered flags, banners, or other signs.

For typical use and with proper care and storing, the lifespan of the flag is 5+ years.  Typical use means using the flag for specific events, shows, etc a few times a year. It is advised to store the flag neatly folded at room temperature.

If you are planning to display the flag in direct sunlight for prolonged periods or in severe/adverse weather conditions, it will greatly lessen the lifespan of your flag.

Our custom flags and flag banners are meant to be used outdoors, so avoiding the sun is usually not an option.  If you are planning to use them at a few events a year, fading will not be a concern.

For long term outdoor use, the flags will fade over time due to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. Fading in this case is not avoidable, but we do use high-quality ink which does fight fading. While most flags fade within a few months, ours usually last anywhere from 9 to 12 months, IF you are using the flag outdoors every day for that period of time.

Yes, we can usually finish the flag in various ways. Let us know how you want your flag to be finished and we’ll see if we can make it happen.


We provide three hardware options for our flags. Two of these options consist of poles with mounts.

The first option is the economy set, identifiable by its eagle top and lower price point. Recommended for short-term use, these poles are not tangle-free.

The second option is our premium set, distinguished by a sphere on top and a sturdier mount, offering a tangle-free experience.

Both the economy and premium sets stand at approximately 6 feet tall.

Additionally, we offer a 10-foot pole set equipped with a ground spike for added stability. All these pole and mount options  are compatible with grommets exclusively.


Custom items ship from Riverside, California. However, if your order contains stock or hardware, we may split the shipment, sending items from our warehouse in Georgia.

Depending on the size of the order we ship with USPS and UPS.

If you order before 10am PST on a business day it will most likely ship out that same day. If not it will
ship out on the following business day.

This really varies by state. For the most part it is 3-5 business days.

We send tracking numbers 24 hours after the products ship. Usually this goes to your spam or junk box.

If you to change your address please call us as soon as you can. If the order has not left our facility we
can change it. However, if USPS or UPS already has the package fees will apply. If the package is already
out for delivery we are unable to make any more changes.

Once you get your items make sure you open it as soon as possible. You only have 5 business days from
when you received the items to let us know if something is wrong. If there is something wrong please
send our sales team an email at sales@featherflagnation.com with a photo and your order number.

Yes, we do offer rush shipping. To do so, you have to send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com. Please include your complete shipping address, the items you need and quantity, and the date needed by. You will hear back the same day if the order is placed within business hours. 

We also offer rush production for an additional cost. Cost is determined upon what it is your ordering, the quantity, and how quickly you would need them done. Email your designer for more information.


Regrettably, we are unable to accept returns for custom items due to their necessity for approval before shipment.

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