• 18ft T-mobile Inflatable Tube Man | air powered wind dancer
  • T-mobile Teardrop Flag
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      T-mobile Teardrop Flag
    • T-mobile Teardrop Flag

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  • T-mobile small feather flag
  • T-mobile Authorized Dealer Feather Flag
  • T-mobile Feather Banner Flag

T-Mobile Products

Feather flags, Teardrop Flags, & Inflatable Tube Men!

These T-Mobile Products are perfect outdoor advertising for your location. Get these products by themselves or with the hardware. A sure-fire way to increase marketing and thus increase sales.

Feather flags are 12ft tall and stand at 15ft on their hardware. Teardrop flags are 10.5ft tall and stand at 14ft on their hardware. Tube men are 18ft tall and stand at 20ft on the blower.