• We Sell Boxes Rectangle flag
  • Self Storage Yellow Rectangle Flag
  • Self Storage Red Rectangle Flag
  • Self Storage green Rectangle Flag

A 12ft rectangle flag bearing “Self Storage” and “We Sell Boxes” serves as a dynamic and effective marketing tool for storage facilities. Here’s why it’s a valuable investment:

Service Promotion: “Self Storage” communicates your primary service, attracting individuals seeking storage solutions for personal or business needs. It instantly informs passersby about your storage offerings.


Additional Revenue Stream: “We Sell Boxes” adds value by highlighting an additional service. It informs potential customers that they can conveniently purchase packing supplies, generating extra revenue for your business.


Visibility: The large size of the flag ensures high visibility from a distance, attracting attention and drawing potential customers to your storage facility, making it stand out in a crowded market.


Convenience Messaging: The combined message indicates a one-stop solution for storage needs. It communicates convenience, encouraging individuals in need of storage or packing supplies to visit your facility.


Direct Information: The concise wording immediately informs potential customers about your offerings, eliminating confusion and ensuring clarity about the services provided.


Cross-Promotion: By advertising both self-storage services and box sales, you attract different customer segments. Those in need of storage solutions might also require packing materials, leading to increased customer engagement.


Branding and Differentiation: The flags create a strong visual identity for your storage facility. The consistent display of your services enhances brand recognition and differentiates your business from competitors.


Cost-Effective Advertisement: As a reusable and durable marketing tool, this flag continuously promotes your storage services and box sales without ongoing expenses, ensuring a lasting impact on potential customers.


In summary, a 12ft rectangle flag featuring “Self Storage” and “We Sell Boxes” is a powerful advertising asset. It communicates essential services, attracts attention, and invites potential customers to explore your storage facility, making it an invaluable tool for increasing foot traffic and engaging with your target audience.