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  • Blow-out Sale rectangle flag

A 12ft rectangle flag with the word “Sale” is an exceptional marketing tool for various businesses looking to attract attention and drive traffic. Here’s why it’s a fantastic investment:


Universal Message: “Sale” is a universally recognized word that immediately captures attention and generates interest. It signals discounts, special offers, and savings, attracting customers across different industries and businesses.


Visibility: The flag’s towering height ensures it’s visible from a distance, standing out and drawing attention from potential customers passing by your business location.


Dynamic Signage: It serves as a dynamic and eye-catching sign, creating a sense of urgency and prompting potential customers to explore what deals and discounts your business is offering.


Increased Foot Traffic: The word “Sale” has a magnetic effect, drawing curious customers who are specifically looking for discounted or promotional items. It encourages them to enter and explore your offerings.


Promotional Impact: Whether it’s retail stores, restaurants, service providers, or any business offering special deals, this flag effectively communicates the availability of discounts and drives sales.


Cost-Effective Advertisement: As a reusable and durable marketing tool, the “Sale” flag continuously promotes your business’s special offers without ongoing expenses, ensuring a long-lasting impact on customers.


Adaptability: The word “Sale” is versatile and applicable to various businesses and industries, making it a valuable marketing asset for temporary promotions or regular sales events.


Brand Awareness: Highlighting a sale with this flag not only attracts customers for discounted items but also enhances your brand’s visibility and positions your business as one that offers value and savings.


Ultimately, a 12ft rectangle flag with the word “Sale” is a powerful and attention-grabbing tool that effectively communicates discounted offerings, creates a sense of urgency, and encourages potential customers to explore your business, making it an invaluable asset for driving sales and attracting customers.


Jumbo rectangle sale banner flags are a must have for any business that has a huge lot.  These are our largest stock signs.  The banner flag is 3x10ft and the pole kit make the flag stand 15ft tall.  If you are looking for low-cost signage, these rectangle sale flags or our stock feather flags are made for you.

Browse through the inventory below for our colorful designs that stand out from everything around them.  These flags can also be purchased as custom flags.  Put your own logos and text and used the colors that you like.  If you are a new business looking to get your brand on the map, then you must order customized rectangle flags, air dancers, and vinyl banners.  Make your business come to life on a budget with our huge variety of stock items.

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