• 6ft Real Estate Open House Feather Flags

    6ft Real Estate Open House Feather Flags (39)

    Open House Flags and Real Estate Feather Flags for Brokers With the economy bouncing back, home sales are again on a steady rise.  Due to many properties for sell and tons of real estate agents, it becomes even more important for you to have your home stand out.  Stop wasting money on expensive and hard to install open house yard signs or pole boards.  Our 6ft open house flags are cheap, high quality, and conveniently come as a travel package, so you can take them to all of your open houses. They complete open house banner flag kit weighs only about 5.5 lbs and no tools are necessary to install flag pole on a grass or dirt…
  • Cellular Dealerships

    Cellular Dealerships (3)

    A 6ft feather flag customized with "Metro PCS" or "T-Mobile" serves as an exceptional marketing tool for a cellular store associated with these brands. Here's why it's a fantastic investment:   Brand Representation: Featuring the names "Metro PCS" or "T-Mobile" on the flag immediately communicates your association with these well-known cellular brands, leveraging their established recognition and credibility.   Brand Affiliation: The flags build trust and recognition among existing customers familiar with these brands, attracting their attention and encouraging repeat visits.   New Customer Attraction: For potential customers seeking Metro PCS or T-Mobile services, the flags serve as beacons, guiding them to your store and increasing foot traffic.   Clear Message Delivery: The flags deliver a straightforward…
  • Events and Festivals

    Events and Festivals (9)

    A 6ft feather flag customized with messages like "Parking," "Restrooms," and "Check-In" is an exceptional addition for events and festivals. Here's why it's a fantastic investment:   Clear Communication: These flags serve as directional signs, guiding attendees to essential locations such as parking areas, restrooms, and check-in points, ensuring a smooth and organized event experience.   Enhanced Event Navigation: Clearly marked flags assist attendees in easily locating key areas, reducing confusion and enhancing their overall experience, especially in larger event venues.   Visibility and Height: The tall design ensures visibility from a distance, making it easier for attendees to spot and navigate toward these crucial event zones.   Durability: Constructed from durable materials, these flags withstand outdoor…
  • Solid Colors

    Solid Colors (18)

    A 6ft feather flag available in various solid colors offers exceptional versatility and customization options for different purposes. Here’s why it’s a valuable investment: Versatility: Flags in various solid colors serve as excellent backdrops for displaying brand logos, messages, or event themes with clarity and consistency.   Brand Customization: You can choose flags in colors that align with your brand's identity, ensuring brand consistency across your marketing materials and storefronts.   Event and Seasonal Themes: Different colored flags can be used to match event themes or seasonal promotions, creating visual coherence and enhancing the overall aesthetic.   Vibrant Visual Appeal: Bold and vibrant colors attract attention and add visual interest to storefronts, events, or outdoor spaces, captivating…

Small Feather Flags

6ft feather flags, 8ft on their hardware.

Our inventory of small 6ft stock flags (8ft assembled height) will increase throughout 2017. Check back often for new stock designs that you can purchase. If you have any special requests, be sure to send us an email and we will try out best to add it as a stock design. Also, be sure to take advantage of our custom feather flags and banner sale to create your own branded outdoor or indoor campaign.