• 6ft Real Estate Open House Feather Flags

    6ft Real Estate Open House Feather Flags (39)

    Open House Flags and Real Estate Feather Flags for Brokers With the economy bouncing back, home sales are again on a steady rise.  Due to many properties for sell and tons of real estate agents, it becomes even more important for you to have your home stand out.  Stop wasting money on expensive and hard to install open house yard signs or pole boards.  Our 6ft open house flags are cheap, high quality, and conveniently come as a travel package, so you can take them to all of your open houses. They complete open house banner flag kit weighs only about 5.5 lbs and no tools are necessary to install flag pole on a grass or dirt…
  • Cellular Dealerships

    Cellular Dealerships (3)

    Small 8ft kits for indoor and outdoor use. These flags are approximately 2ft wide and 6ft tall. With the pole kit and ground spike/cross-base, they will stand about 8ft tall. These small cellular dealership flags are great to use near the entrance of your store, side of a mall booth, or other indoor shopping locations. Be sure to take advantage of our custom flag specials to create your own branded banner flag.
  • Events and Festivals

    Events and Festivals (9)

    It is important to clearly guide participants at large festivals, concerts, and other events. Use these low-cost stock 6ft feather flags around your next event to make the lives of everyone else easier. Easier mark entrances, exists, bathrooms, and other locations with easy to install flags.
  • Solid Colors

    Solid Colors (18)

    These 6ft solid colored flags are great as outdoor decoration pieces for homes, businesses, and events. Light weight, easy to move around, and can be stored away for use at another date. If you want to make your location pop or get more attention to a special area, then these flags are perfect. Use them on top of booths, at entrances, line them up on fences, or simply decorate the outside with your brand colors.

Small Feather Flags

6ft feather flags, 8ft on their hardware.

Our inventory of small 6ft stock flags (8ft assembled height) will increase throughout 2017. Check back often for new stock designs that you can purchase. If you have any special requests, be sure to send us an email and we will try out best to add it as a stock design. Also, be sure to take advantage of our custom feather flags and banner sale to create your own branded outdoor or indoor campaign.