• 15ft Feather Flag 17ft Kit
  • 14ft Feather Flag 16ft Kit
  • 12ft Feather Flag 15ft Kit
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      12ft Feather Flag 15ft Kit
    • 12ft Feather Flag 15ft Kit

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  • 10ft Feather Flag 12ft Kit
  • 8ft Feather Flag 10ft Kit
  • 6ft Feather Flag 8ft Kit
  • 5ft Feather Flag 6ft Kit

Custom Feather Flags

Our custom feather flags are made from high-quality polyester fabric. All of our feather flags are 2.5ft wide and their height ranges from 5ft all the way up to 15ft.

Our single-sided flags are one flag printed and sewn with no additional fabric or liner. The design will appear on the backside, but it will be lighter and reversed.

Our double-sided flags are two flags printed out and sewn together with a mesh liner in the middle. This liner helps ensure your design doesn’t show through the back. 

You can use whatever colors, text, or high-resolution images that you’d like. We print with Pantone Colors or CMYK. If you have a logo you’d like us to use, please provide the vector format. 

These flags can be paired with either our full aluminum pole kits or our flexible tip pole kits. Both pole kits will look and do the same thing. The biggest difference is, the flexible tip pole kit fits in our travel bag while the full aluminum does not.

If you need mounting hardware other than the ground spike or cross base, you will have to order the flag, poles, and mounting hardware separately instead of in a kit. You can check out our hardware here.

Our flags do print 10-15% lighter than they appear on the screen. Digital proofs are never going to perfectly reflect the final product. If you’d like to order free swatches, click here.

FFN does not offer free reprints or refunds on custom flags due to color variance or incorrectly approved designs.