• Jumbo Car Magnetic Bows

    Jumbo Car Magnetic Bows (8)

    These light weight magnetic jumbo holiday bows are perfect for all new and used car dealerships. Make your client happy and give one of these for free with your next car sale. Everyone loves to see a big bow on their new car! The smile that you will see on your customer's face will be priceless. Our Jumbo Car Magnetic Bows are recommended to use on the hood or roof of your car. Be sure to gently place the bow down and allow the magnetic strip to attach to the vehicle. When removing the bow, be sure to lift the bow off and not drag it.  View our other auto dealer supplies by clicking here.  Lots of…
  • Stock Car Windshield Banners

    Stock Car Windshield Banners (58)

    Stock Car Windshield Banners We carry a huge variety of numbers to use on your car's windshield.  Most orders will usually ship within 1 to 2 business days. Our patented design easily attaches to to your vehicle's windshield by gripping to it's side-view mirrors. Easy on and off design makes these windshield banners great items. You can also order them with your customized design, including your auto dealership's logo and specials.  Contact us for details and pricing on custom prints. These banners pair well with our stock and custom feather flags.

Auto Dealer Supplies

Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Options

Below are several categories of items to purchase for your auto dealerships car lot. Many great low-cost stock items to choose from, such as window clip-on flags, feather and swooper flags, windshield banners, and much more. Customized avenue banners are also great for your auto dealers outdoor decor. If you are looking for low cost promotional items, then you are at the right place!