• Shaved Ice Feather Flag
  • Dunkin’ Donuts Drive Thru 24 Hours Feather Flag with Ground Spike
  • Shrimp Feather Flag
  • Tacos Burritos Feather Flag
  • Tacos Burritos Feather Flag
  • Tacos Feather Flag
  • We Accept EBT Feather Flag
  • Tortas (White) Feather Flag
  • Tamales Feather Flag Banner
  • Empanadas Feather Flag
  • Menudo Feather Flag
  • Sushi Feather Flag
  • Snow Cones Feather Flag
  • Lemonade Feather Flag
  • Lobster (Blue) Feather Flag
  • Nutrition Feather Flag
  • Pasta Feather Flag
  • Seafood Feather Flag

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Food and Restaurant Feather Flags

Everyone needs to eat to survive.  With dozens of restaurants per location, it is important to stand out from your competitor.  We have over 100 stock flag designs usable by food vendors and restaurants.  Our designs range from Deli, Pizza, and Pasta to cupcakes, bakery, and smoothies.  The flutter flags are low cost and easy to use.  Our stock designs are updated often, so check back every couple of months!  New and improved swooper flag designs are in the works as you read this.

Our food and restaurant feather flags usually make you your money back within days.  A couple of extra customers payback for our low cost $49 feather flag kit special.  Our stock banner flag kits come with a stock flag, aluminum pole kit, and a ground spike.  Flag installs within minutes to a grass or dirt location.  Use our feather flags and vinyl banners for your outdoor advertising.  You will not be disappointing.