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Car Wash Feather Flags


With over 250 million cars just within the United States of America, the car wash business is a great business to be in.  Everyone requires their cars to be vacuumed, washed and detailed.  We carry professionally design stock car wash feather flags that can be purchased with pole kits and ground spikes for easy outdoor install.  If you have a small patch of grass or dirt, our car wash business feather flags can easily be mounted for visibility from a distance.  Our tall flags easily flutter in the wind to create noise at your location.

Our car wash feather flags are used at thousands of car wash shops through the USA and Canada.  We’ve even shipped some to the UK and Australia.  Everyone uses flutter flags for outdoor advertising because they work.  Our stock flags stand about 14ft tall with the standard pole kit and ground spike.  These car wash flags cannot be missed!  We have several options for mounts that allow you to use our banner flags on solid surfaces, walls, fences, and many other locations.