Custom Flutter Flags

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    Complete Flutter Flag Kits

    • 10ft Flutter Flag 12ft Kit
    • 12ft Flutter Flag 14ft Kit

    Replacement Flutter Flags

    • 10ft Replacement Flutter Flag for 12ft Kit
    • 12ft Replacement Flutter Flag for 14ft Kit

    Flutter Banner Flags

    A flutter banner flag is great for anyone looking to decorate their next event or advertise their brand, product, or business.  These flag banners require wind to display your message, so they would work best for outdoor use.  Telescopic flag poles allow for easy storage and transportation.

    Flutter Banner Flag Specifications

    Weight: 4oz Polyester (110 GSM)

    Available sizes:  14ft kit (12ft flag) or 12ft kit (10ft flag)

    Recommended use: Outdoor in open areas, such as concerts, festivals, trade-shows, county fairs, and business storefronts.

    Flag Style: These custom flags are available in single-sided and double-sided banner prints.

    Lifespan: Typical periodic use will have a lifespan of 3+ year.  If used outdoors every day for long periods of time, the sun will fade the flags much quicker.

    Production Time:  Typical turn around time is 2 to 3 business days for custom flags.

    Flagpole Mounting Options

    Ground Stake: The ground stake is required to mount your flutter banner flag onto a dirt location.  It can be twisted or hammered into the soil.  If your soil has a soft top layer, be sure to hammer the ground spike down into the hard layer, otherwise, your flag will tilt.

    Cross-base: The cross-stand is for flat solid surfaces.  They cannot be used on hills or other areas that are uneven.  Be sure to add additional weighted support to your cross-base – it is required, especially for outdoor use.  Without additional support, your flag kit can topple over due to wind gusts or high winds.  Weight-donuts or sand-bags work great.  Any extra weight that can sit on the legs of the stand will work.

    Flat Base: A flat base is a great option for indoor use because the base sits flat on the ground.  This allows you to hide the base under various objects, such as tables, desks, booths, tents, and etc.  Since this stand does not collapse down like the cross-base, it is not recommended for travel purposes.

    Mounts for these flutter flags are usually interchangeable with our various feather flags.

    Example Uses of Flutter Banner Flags

    • Outdoor markers for special events, such as marathons, field trips, and school events.
    • Miles markers for different milestones for a 4K or 5K event.
    • Outdoor brand promotions at outdoor car shows, trade-shows, or festivals.
    • Used on boats that are docked near a busy area.
    • Stage decoration with events sponsors and logos (Coachella, Nascar, etc.)
    • Marching bands to use at special events or concerts
    • Businesses to use outside their storefront to advertise their product, promotion, or brand
    • Many 1000’s of other uses.  These flutter banner flags are great for almost any outdoor event that you can think of.  Get noticed and increase traffic to your business with our advertising flags.

    Other popular outdoor banner flags include our custom feather flags, teardrop flags, rectangle flags, and standard custom flags.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I use these flags inside?

    Yes, you can use our flutter banner flags inside, but it is not advised.  These flags require wind to display your message, so using them outside would be best.

    I need a flag that is open at all times.

    Majority of our other advertising banner flags are windless designs.  (feather flags, rectangle flags, and teardrop flags) You can view them at the link below.

    Do you offer other sizes?

    We can make larger sizes for this custom flag style, but not any smaller.  Contact us with your specifications.

    Are their bulk quantity discounts?

    Yes, contact us for a quote if you plan to order 10 or more custom flag kits.

    Can I get a different flag sleeve color?

    Unfortunately, you cannot.  We only offer black or white sleeve options.

    What is a travel package?

    Travel package upgrades your kit to include a travel bag to neatly store all of your flag kit’s components.

    Is there any warranty for these flags?

    We offer a lifetime of free repairs, as long as the flag is repairable.  Prior to sending us your flutter banner flag, be sure to send us an image of the damage to confirm that it is indeed repairable.  You are responsible for the ship costs and a return label needs to be provided with the flags you send to us.

    Due to uncontrollable outdoor weather conditions, no warranty is offered on pole kits or mounts.

    Can I return custom flags?

    No.  Returns are not accepted for any custom orders unless the product is defective. Color variance is not considered a defect.  No color matching is guaranteed.  If you are particular with colors, a color swatch can be ordered for $9.50.

    Can I order a swatch?

    Yes, color swatches are $9.50 each.

    Where can I download the banner flag template?

    Templates can be downloaded from the product page or at our custom flags template page.

    Can you match RGB colors?

    RGB colors cannot be matched.  All of our machines print in CMYK color mode.  You can learn more about this by viewing the video below.

    What other signs can I pair with my custom flags?

    We would recommend using our air dancers and vinyl banners with your flutter banner flags.  A mixture of all three of these types of signs allow you to create maximum impressions and in return bring in more traffic to your event or business.

    We are a non-profit, do you have any additional discounts?

    Sometimes, we do have extra discounts available.  Contact us.

    Do you offer discounts to churches?

    Yes, we do have special rates for church flags and banners.  Contact us to see if anything is available.  Sometimes, our weekly specials are better.