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  • Welcome Open Feather Flag

    Welcome Open Feather Flag

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  • Yellow open flag can easily be mounted outdoors to increase foot traffic.

    Open (yellow and white) Feather Flag

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  • Checkered open feather flag can be used at all racing and sporting events.

    Open (checkered) Feather Flag

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  • Our patriotic open feather flag is a must have for all major holiday.

    Open (Patriotic) Feather Flag

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Feather Flag

The term “Feather Flag” is unknown to a lot of businesses owners and marketing managers around the world.  These flag banners have begun increasing in popularity over the past decade.  Feather Flag Nation was the first company to create this new innovative advertising product.  Yes, we hold the patent to this windless feather flag design.  Check it out by clicking here.

Almost every company claims to be the leader in producing feather flags and banners, but can they back what they say with over 1000+ stock feather flags designs?  How can a person or company become an expert on something they’ve only been selling for a couple of years?  Do you really want to shop with a company that blatantly copies a patented product?  We have over a decade of experience, in which we’ve time after time improved our product qualities and crafting processes.

We offer low-cost outdoor and indoor feather flags –  $14.99 for any stock feather flag, $49 for a complete kit, which includes a 1 stock flag design, 1 pole kit, and 1 ground spike.

How Can I Use a Feather Flag?

This is one of the most common questions from clients.  How can someone use a feather flag banner to help their business?  We’ll cover a few of the many reasons of why a feather flag is crucial for any business/company.

Compact and Ease of Install

First and foremost, the most important benefit of a feather flag is that it takes up very little horizontal space.  If you are located in busy and compact areas, such as New York, San Francisco, or the heart of Los Angeles, it becomes difficult to put up banners, sidewalks signs, or other sidewalk signage that is easy to see.

Our feather flags take up at most 36” in horizontal space.  For vertical space limitation, we have a variety of different height options for our custom flags.  Our smallest 6ft feather flag is great to use indoors.  For large scale outdoor events (large concerts, festivals, etc) our 17ft flag kit is perfect.

In addition to taking up very little space, all of our stock and custom feather flag kits come with poles that can break down into smaller pieces.  This allows you to take the feather flag inside at the end of the day or travel with it to other destinations.

Portability & Versatility

Unlike other advertising products (vinyl banners, water-snap frames, yard signs, etc), the feather flag has multiple uses.  Since the kits are portable, you can use them at various events and locations.

Some of the most common uses of these flag banners is at trade shows.  You can see them being used next to tables, bracketing to tents, sitting on solid surfaces at various locations of an event.  Additionally, since the flags and their hardware are fairly light weight, you can also walk around with these flags.

Additionally, we carry a wide range of mounting options for our feather flag pole kits.  For example, outdoor car shows can use our wheel base to mount the flag banners to their car’s tire.  For solid surface use, you can use our heavy duty cross-base x-stands.  We even have tow-hitch mounts for auto dealerships, tailgating parties, or trailers.  You can find mounting hardware from us for walls, roofs, fences, poles, and much more.  We don’t carry only two options like our competitors.

Light Weight and Made to Travel

All of our stock and custom flags come with the option of upgrading them to travel packages.  Travel packages include light-weight poles and mounting hardware that neatly fits into a travel bag.  Our smallest 6ft feather flag kit with the ground spike only weights 5lbs.  That is extremely light and a popular options for many real estate agents.

Traveling around with a large vinyl banner, heavy A-frame signs, or other clunky advertising products is tiring and trouble-some.  Simply purchase a few custom flags for your booth or location, bracket them to your tent, and call it a day.