Custom Teardrop Flags By Size

Teardrop flags have a unique shape compared to our feather and rectangle flags.  These flags are great for indoor use, trade shows, and booths.  The water drop or teardrop shapes stands out from the others.  If you are looking to put your logo or a small graphic, then this flag will work well.  Due to the shape of the flag, the design space decreases as you move down the flag, therefore too much text is not advised. But a custom teardrop banner for advertising is still a great choice because of its eye-catching shape, mobility, and orientation above bystanders’ eye level.

The pole kit for the teardrop flags are telescopic and come with a flexible tip piece.  The fiber-glass tip will go into the sleeve of the flag and wrap around the shape of the flag for a clean hold.  Due to the paddle shape, these flags do pick up more wind, so taking them inside during high winds is highly advised.

You can select either the ground spike mount for dirt use or the cross-base (x-stand) for solid surface mounting.  Sandbags or weight donuts will be needed on top of the cross-bases.  Kits can be upgraded to travel packages if you plan to move around with these flags.

You can create custom teardrop flags for your organization, business, charity, or school. You can add a wide variety of colors, shapes, patterns, and texts on your teardrop banner flags. Their shape is perfect for displaying a simple logo and line of text.

Contact us if you want advice for designing your custom teardrop flags. We can help you select the proper height, base, colors, and design orientation so that you get the most for your money. With one of our custom flags, you can attract more people to you. It’s perfect for making a booth stand out in a row of competitors, helping your building stand out in a shopping center, and more. Ordinary banners are common, but our teardrop banner flags will catch eyes, which can mean more business for you.

Our high-quality custom teardrop banner for advertising indoors or outdoors will add the perfect touch to your next advertising campaign.  If you have any questions on our Teardrop Banner Flags, you can reach us at 877-900-5692.  Our professional designers are on standby to create the perfect design for you.  Start standing out from your competitor and begin increasing your sales instantly.

We also provide a huge variety of other custom flags that you can use inside your business.  Drape flags are great for high ceilings and walls.  Polyester material is lightweight, which allows the flags to be mounted at various locations with just nails or thumbtacks. Contact us for more information on any of the custom flags we offer.

Custom Teardro Flags
Custom Teardrop Flags