Brokers / Resellers

 *There is a $10 fee to setup your broker account (once you are approved)*  This fee will be applied to your first order.

Only print shops qualify for broker pricing.
Coupons & Free Shipping cannot be used by brokers.

Must Have a Storefront and Updated Website.

Must have updated examples of print work.

Residential addresses WILL BE DENIED.

Tax ID May Be Required.

Who doesn’t qualify for broker pricing?

  • Real estate agents
  • Retail stores
  • Business owners outside of the field of signs
  • etc.

Not sure if you qualify? Click here to contact us.

Popular links for brokers:

Custom Feather Flags

Custom Flag Templates

Stock Feather Flag Banners

Air Dancers

We have broker pricing available for ALMOST every item that we sell.  Broker prices are not disclosed over the phone.  Please be sure to fill out the form to get yourself approved first. 

Brokers provide their own artwork.

If artwork is not provided there is a $15 design fee per proof provided.

Brokers Cannot Resell Our Products Below Our Retail Pricing

Broker’s selling products under our retail price will have their account terminated.

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