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So you’re thinking about purchasing an advertising flag and don’t know where to start. Look no further! Here at Feather Flag Nation, we specialize in various advertising flags, banners, signs, and inflatable tube-men! Now with that said, we’re going to focus on our most popular form of advertisement: the Feather Flag.

Feather Flags are the perfect form of advertisement for any business because they’re large, last a long time, and are inexpensive. At Feather Flag Nation we produce our products in-house here in Southern California. This is so you know you’re getting a high-quality product when working with us to improve your business.

Inexpensive Stock and Custom Flags for All Businesses

At Feather Flag Nation we work with many business owners every day to get them the advertising they need for their business. We have feather flags for every occasion or business. Whether you own a restaurant or hosting an event, we can get a flag to suit your needs. Not only do we have many different stock feather flags ready to ship daily, but we also offer custom flag designing services. This means you can get exactly what you want on your feather flag or we can design one for you with whatever details you have in mind.

Stock Flags

Feather Flag Nation has over 700 different stock designs for all occasions. Some of our most popular is our basic “SALE” or “OPEN” flags but we also have many for restaurants, dealerships, and much more. Not only that but if you order before noon, we can ship these out the same day.

Custom Flags

Feather Flag Nation also specializes in creating custom feather flags. This means we work with you to either get your design onto a flag or create a design ourselves based on the information you give to us. We’re willing to work with you for as long as possible until you are fully satisfied with your flag. After creating the design our custom flags are printed and shipped with 3 business days.

Pole-Kits for Feather Flags

Now that you’ve got your feather flag it’s time to choose the pole-kit you want to go with to set it up. At Feather Flag Nation we sell two different types of pole-kits: one with a solid curved aluminum top and the other with a flexible fiberglass tip. The difference between these two is that the fiberglass tipped one also fits into our travel size bag. Both sets are made of 100% aluminum and come with 4 pieces.

Bases for Your Flags

Finally, to finish off setting up your flag, you’re going to need to choose a base to have it stand on. We provide three options so you can set up on any kind of terrain: the ground spike, cross base, and flat base.

The Ground Spike

First, is our Ground Spike. The ground spike is perfect for soft areas where you can plunge it into the ground where it can stay sturdy. Think patches of grass or soft dirt and you’ll be good to go.

The Cross Base

Second, is our Cross Base. The cross base is perfect for any flat hard surface like cement, tile, or carpet.

The Weight Donut

If posting flags outdoors and you’re worried about them getting knocked over, we advise purchasing our Weight Donut to go on top of the cross and flat base for that extra bit of reinforcement. It can be filled with water or sand and add up to an additional 30lbs.

The Flat Base

Next, we have our Flat Base which works in areas similar to the cross base but this is going to be sturdier for larger flags.

The Tie-Down Clip

Finally, we have our Tie Down Clips. These little contraptions help secure your flag to make it stay nice and tight onto the pole. These actually aren’t required for your flag set but are definitely recommended to make sure your flag stays nice and in place!


There you have it, all you need to set up your feather flags in any location and any business. We have stock flags for a quick and simple purchase, custom flags for a more personalized look, and 3 different bases for placing your flag anywhere. Let’s not forget about your choice of either the solid curved pole-kit or the fiberglass tipped kit. Finally, you can tie everything all together with our inexpensive tie-down clips. Now get out there and start being out there!

We take great pride in the quality of our products. All custom products are made in-house from our Riverside, CA location.

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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