Happy Holidays Feather Flags For Advertising Santa Claus

Feather Flags for Christmas and Happy Holidays

Christmas Feather Flags & Tube Men for the Holidays

‘Tis the season to be jolly! With the holiday season approaching, Feather Flag Nation has all of your Christmas feather flags starting at only $14.99!

Let’s make this Holiday season your best with our affordable outdoor holiday feather flags! Capture more attention, get more traffic, and in return get more sales.  We have limited in-stock items, so be sure to get yours in advance because they sell fast!

Ordering stock items? Place your order Monday-Friday before noon PST, and your items will ship out the same day! What if you placed your order over the weekend? No need to worry, your items will ship the following business day.

Best of all, when you order a full kit everything you need to assemble comes in it! No heavy lifting, no extra tools needed, and assembling a kit can be done in under a minute.  

But do you know what’s even better?  All of our stock feather flags are interchangeable. Once the holidays are over, you can swap out the holiday flags for one of our other stock flags! But don’t forget, you can always customize your flag to fit your needs!

Before we get into the nuts and bolts of our holiday flags, we released a blog post for our Halloween feather flags that did fabulously. Both in sales and the number of visitors per page.

As we’ve stated before, our holiday and specialty flags are limited and sell fast, get ahead of the curve and get your flags sooner rather than later.  During the holidays, UPS can take up to 6 business days to deliver to your location.  They also make a lot more delivery mistakes during the holidays, so earlier is best…especially if you plan to order custom feather flags.

Our Christmas & Holiday Collection

This year we have a pretty extensive collection of feather flags with only one tube man for sale. First things first, our Santa Claus Inflatable Tube Man is good for shopping malls, holiday events, and brick/mortar locations. The Santa Claus looks like the traditional Santa that stands 20ft tall. If you want to customize the Santa Tube Man just let our team know HERE and we can specialize something for you and your company.

For flags we have (8) feather flags and (1) rectangle flag for sale. Our rectangle Sale holiday flag has a bright red background with a holiday reef at the top and SALE written down in the middle. Our feather flag collection has a mix of flags that says Merry Christmas, Celebrate Christmas, Happy Holidays, and more.

holiday sale christmas feather flags
(Photo by Breanna Carey for FFN)

Each feather flag listed above is 12ft in height, with the ground spike it tops 15ft in total.  Our Christmas and Holiday tube man and feather flags are in limited supply, so be sure to get yours today before they’re gone!

If you are looking to create a custom feather flag for your business or event, then just fill out the form at the bottom of the page and we’ll create a FREE design request.  You are never obligated to buy.

Custom flags usually take 2 to 3 business days to produce and UPS ground can take another 3 to 5 business days to deliver.  Therefore, be sure to make your purchase at least 2 and a half weeks before you need them!  Always order in advance because express shipping may not be cheap for these items.

Feather Flag Bases

When thinking about what hardware you’re going to need to set up your feather flag, first you need to have a good idea where you’re going to place it. In the grass or dirt? Or do you want to put your flag on a hard surface like the concrete or even inside a building?

Here at FFN, you can choose between a few different bases. 

The Ground Spike

Perfect hardware for mounting a feather or rectangle flag into grass or dirt areas. This ground spike pairs with any of our aluminum or carbon fiber pole kits. We also sell ground spike separately, CLICK HERE to check them out!

Best of all, our ground spike fits perfectly in our Travel Bag!

The Weight Donut

Want to add weight for support? Shop our weight donuts for only $9.99!

Our weight donuts are made to fit our X-stands. This will help hold your flag and pole in place! The weight donut does not come pre-filled, so you will need to add water or sand. Depending on how much you fill the donut, it can add about 30-35 lbs.

If you are located in a place with high winds, we highly recommend stacking a couple of donuts on top of each other. 

The Cross Base

Our cross-base is great for displaying your feather flag anywhere there is a flat surface. You can display your holiday flag in front of your storefront to get more traction!

Also, our cross-bases can fold and fit into our travel bag! CLICK HERE to shop cross-bases separately.

WEIGHT DONUT for cross base
(Photo by Breanna Carey for FFN // Left weight donut shows on top of the cross base, Right weight donut is an areal view)

Inflatable Tubemen & Air Blower

Santa Claus Tubeman Holiday
(Photo by Breanna Carey for FFN)

Our Santa Claus tube man stands at 18ft tall with an overall height of 20ft with the blower. There is a velcro attachment that allows for effortless assembly. 

This blower not only fits our Santa Claus tube man but any of our stock or custom 18ft tube men! So when the holidays are over, you can easily swap out the tube man and use the same blower!

This unit comes with arms on each side and wheels can be installed on the bottom for easy mobility. It is printed upon request so please allow 1-2 business days for production. Please be sure to keep this away from water or anything else that can go into the grill and damage it. Always keep in mind the safety of yourself and others. DO NOT use this product in the rain. 

Need help setting up your blower for your inflatable tube man? Watch this video!

Have any questions? Contact Us! Send us an email at sales@featherflagnation.com or give us a call at 1 (877) 900-5692. We are open M-F from 8am-4:30pm PST


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