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Tube Men

What are Tube Men used for?

Tube Men Tube men, also known as air dancers or sky dancers, are those tall, inflatable, wavy figures often seen at car dealerships, events, or retail spaces. They’re primarily used for advertising and grabbing attention. Their dynamic movements in the wind, combined with their bright colors and size, make them highly visible and eye-catching, drawing …

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Who Invented The Tube Man?

Sometimes called sky dancers, fly guys, or even sock blowers, they are somehow both a modern and classic staple in advertising. Seen at car dealerships and car washes around the country, almost everyone can say they’ve seen a tube man or something similar at least once in their lives. But the origins of tube men, …

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Welcome Spring with FFN!

Spring is in the air. It’s the time to get rid of all your old junk and find new treasure!  Everyone sees spring as a time to welcome anything new. A business is no different. Let Feather Flag Nation help you ring in a new spring this year. With fresh new opportunities coming, it would …

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What are Rectangle Flags?

Rectangle Flags Have you ever been on our website and thought wow, there are so many options available!  That would be a true statement in our part.  We like to offer options for our customers because we know different projects require different products. If you are a regular with Feather Flag Nation, you know we …

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